Postgres Plus Cloud Database Launch Guide

Hosted at Amazon

Below are the steps needed to get started. At the finish, you will have created an elastic Postgres high availability database cluster in the cloud. The only pre-requisite is that you have an existing Amazon AWS account.  To get an AWS account visit:  Please read the instructions thoroughly before beginning.

You can also read all the Cloud Database documentation here:


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Step 1: Get entitlement to the Cloud Database AMI at Amazon

The link below takes you to Amazon DevPay where you subscribe to Cloud Database. All billing for your usage will be handled by Amazon Payments.  

Get Postgres Plus Cloud Database at Amazon DevPay now...

After completing the DevPay purchase, you will see a browser window titled: Amazon Payments, and the text: Thank you for signing up for Postgres Plus Cloud Database.  This screen will instruct you to get your Activation Key.

Get and record your Support Activation Key.  As a result of your purchase you are entitled to Technical Support but must register in the next step.

Close the top portion of the window by clicking the Close link in the upper right corner and you should be returned back to this page. Continue at Step 2 below.

Step 2: Register for Technical Support

Your purchase of Postgres Plus Cloud Database includes Technical Support. To activate your support enter your Support Activation Key from the previous step in the Support Activation Form.

After completing the Support Activation form return here and finish the instructions below to start your first Cloud Database cluster.

Step 3: Get your Amazon credentials before registering at the EnterpriseDB hosted console

You should have just completed the Amazon DevPay and Support registration process which brought you back to this page.

Prior to registering your first user in Cloud Database you will need to get your Access Key ID and Secret Key from your Amazon account. These allow you to communicate with Amazon from the Cloud Database environment.

  1. If necessary log back into your AWS account at:
  2. Click the Security Credentials choice on the menu under your name in the upper right hand corner.
  3. Another tab or window may open with your AWS Security page. Scroll down to the Access Credentials section.  Copy your Access Key ID and temporarily paste it into an empty document, then click Show to copy your Secret Access Key.


Step 4: Access an EnterpriseDB Hosted Console

Hosted at: Amazon
Select your Region to Login...
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Asia Pacific SouthEast (Singapore)
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Step 5: Register yourself as a User and Log In

NOTE: remember the Email ad password you enter here - it will used momentarily to log in.

  1. Click the Register button and fill in the New User Registration dialog.
  2. Click Next and fill in your Amazon Access Key and Secret Key that you looked up in Step 2.
  3. Click Finish and enter your log in credentials (Email and password from previous step) at the Log In page.
  4. Click Login, and the secure Cloud Database Console appears.


Step 6: Create an elastic Postgres high availability cluster in the cloud

Press the Launch DB Cluster button and fill in the dialog.


Step 7: Register for the Cloud Database Forums

The Forum is located at: . Please post any and all problems, questions, comments or suggestions here so that we have a central location for your feedback, one communication channel to monitor, and all the participants can benefit. If you are not yet registered, please do so now at: