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Announcing BigAnimal: Fully managed PostgreSQL in the Cloud

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Operationalizing Analytics

Jan 12, 2022

The real value of data analytics goes beyond just telling you what happened or what will happen, but what you should do about it. Dennis Ducksworth, Senior Director of Product Marketing for EDB, discusses opportunities for companies to achieve better business results by using data analytics in their daily operations.

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Pandemic data bonanza is a security time bomb

Jan 10, 2022

VP & chief architect at EDB Dave Page discusses the need for companies to take a serious look at their data security measures as the rate at which customers are creating new data continues to sky-rocket during the pandemic.

Three misconceptions about IT careers - and why women should ignore them all

Jan 6, 2022

Laetitia Avrot, Senior Database Consultant at EDB and founder of Postgres Women, discusses some of the common misconseptions women have about careers in IT.

Database security concerns in the cloud

Dec 29, 2021

Should your organization move your database to the cloud? How well can cloud security concerns be mitigated?  Dave Page, Vice President and Chief Architect, Database Infrastructure, EDB, talks about what you should consider before you decide on an answer in this article. 

MySQL a 'pretty poor database' says departing Oracle engineer

Dec 6, 2021

You've collected your leaving card, novelty presents, and perhaps a bottle of wine – what's next on the list for the departing developer? For one, it's a blog rubbishing the technology he's been working on for five years. That was the choice of Steinar Gunderson, a former principal software engineer at Oracle and member of the MySQL optimiser team.

Channel Asia Innovation Awards: and the winners are…

Dec 2, 2021

Representing the entire ASEAN ecosystem, more than 220 finalists (including 65+ individuals) were honoured from a pool of over 90 organisations and more than 300 nominations, spanning partner, start-up, telco, vendor and distributor businesses.

Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Data in the Cloud?

Nov 30, 2021

Chief Technology Officer at EDB, Marc Linster, talks the importance of choosing a cloud provider that values your data just as much as your business does.

Database security concerns in the cloud

Nov 29, 2021

Should your organization move your database to the cloud? How well can cloud security concerns be mitigated? EDB VP and Chief Architect, Database Infrastructure Dave Page shares answers to these common questions with Cybersec Asia.

What you need to do to ensure the security of your database in the cloud

Nov 9, 2021

Cloud adoption has been arguably one of the most common strategies that organisations have taken to support remote work and undertake digital transformation. However, there are still incidences of many who have left open blindspots to losses and breaches by not ensuring the security of their data or resiliency of their databases. While the cloud vendors can help, ultimately the responsibilities to safeguard the data remain yours.

Database startups are gaining ground on titans like AWS and Oracle by catering to developers

Nov 8, 2021

A controversial leadership change and over 60 layoffs came soon after and made DataStax's future look uncertain. But Chet Kapoor, its new CEO, devised a plan: Strengthen the company's appeal to developers using its loyal community of users as a bulwark against competitors. This strategy isn't unique to DataStax. It's gaining ground across several database companies, including MongoDB, Conuent, EDB, and Couchbase, that are looking to challenge the database giants.

Business Leaders Are Changing Their Minds About Hybrid And Remote Work

Nov 7, 2021

Among knowledge-worker-intensive companies, there’s a big question of whether work-from home/work-from anywhere arrangements will remain in place in the post-Covid era, or whether management will get too nervous and reel everyone back into their offices. A recent survey suggests executives have seen the light when it comes to supporting at least partial remote work arrangements.

Storage news ticker – November 4

Nov 4, 2021

Database management company EDB has today announced GA of BigAnimal, the world’s first fully managed, open source PostgreSQL database in the cloud with compatibility for Oracle database technology.

Enterprise PostgreSQL Hits the Cloud as EDB’s ‘BigAnimal’

Nov 3, 2021

EDB yesterday took the wraps off BigAnimal, the name of its new fully managed PostgreSQL database running in the Azure cloud. With compatibility for Oracle’s database, BigAnimal looks to pilfer disgruntled database customers.

EDB launches BigAnimal PostgreSQL cloud database service

Nov 2, 2021

EDB said today its PostgreSQL database-as-a-service cloud offering on Microsoft Azure is generally available. The new database service, which EDB has dubbed BigAnimal, brings a managed EDB PostgreSQL cloud database to users for the first time.

At the Helm of Starship EDB with Ed Boyajian

Nov 2, 2021

Ed Boyajian, CEO of EDB, is here to talk databases, but perhaps more importantly, to squelch some pronunciation issues! Postgres, via Ed, is a central topic to today’s discussion and Ed’s insight both personally and in regard to EDB, are quite enlightening.

SQL Server on Linux: Canonical offers official support, AWS Babelfish helps users move to Postgres

Nov 2, 2021

Canonical is offering joint support with Microsoft for SQL Server on Ubuntu running on Azure, all while Amazon is nudging users towards PostgreSQL with general availability of the Babelfish compatibility extension, now open source.

Dismantling three common cloud strategy assumptions

Nov 2, 2021

The shape of cloud services is changing. Here is what organizations should consider to fully reap the benefits of cloud.

EDB unleashes BigAnimal in the cloud

Nov 2, 2021

EDB, a.k.a. EnterpriseDB, is becoming a party animal with Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). Believe it or not, this staid Boston area company is branding their new service BigAnimal.

These nine big data companies are challenging the 3 dominant database giants - Oracle, Microsoft and IBM

Oct 21, 2021

For decades, three tech giants dominated the database market: Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. But with the rise of cloud, these firms are losing their hold on the market, analysts tell Insider; we compiled a list of nine companies that are taking on database titans, changing the guard.

ASEAN excels as Channel Asia unveils finalists for enhanced Innovation Awards

Oct 14, 2021

Channel Asia is proud to announce the finalists of an enhanced Innovation Awards in 2021, housing the largest celebration of technology ecosystem excellence in delivering transformative customer solutions across Southeast Asia.

New corporate group wants to make building stable stateful Kubernetes databases easier

Oct 6, 2021

We use Kubernetes to manage our containers on clouds all the time. That's another way of saying we use Kubernetes for just about everything we can in IT these days. Unfortunately, Kubernetes doesn't do well at all at managing stateful applications. Now, the newly formed Data on Kubernetes Community (DoKC) consortium wants to change that.

IT Spending Expected To Rebound Amid Renewed Focus on Modernization Projects

Oct 5, 2021

After a year of belt-tightening measures, IT spending is expected to bounce back, findings from the annual State of IT report indicate. In order to pursue strategic initiatives, companies are willing to open their wallets on investments in new and innovative technology. Here, 10 industry experts weigh in on the findings and share how IT modernization and rise in hybrid remote workforces are driving future IT investments. 

Open-source veteran PostgreSQL emits release 14: Tweaked, scalable, and ready to get heavy

Oct 1, 2021

Open-source database fans were given reason to celebrate this week with the release of PostgreSQL 14, an iteration of the RDBMS featuring performance improvements for heavy and distributed workloads.

Cara PostgreSQL Dorong Transformasi Digital Perusahaan di Asia Pasifik

Sep 10, 2021

Terlepas dari semua hal tentang membangun kemampuan digital baru guna meningkatkan efisiensi dan pengalaman pelanggan, biaya pemeliharaan sistem lama (legacy) dapat mengendurkan upaya modernisasi dengan mengambil  sumber daya yang sudah terbatas.  

How open source can lend itself towards database security

Sep 6, 2021

Jan Karremans, director of product marketing EMEA at EDB, discusses the importance of database security, and the benefits that open source can provide

Why Cloud Native Postgres is the natural next step in databases

Sep 2, 2021

According to findings from IDC Global DataSphere, the amount of data created and replicated in 2020 saw unusually high growth due to the increase in people working, learning, and entertaining themselves from home. It was estimated that 1.7 megabytes of new data was created every second for every human on the planet.

Inspirational Woman: Laetitia Avrot | Senior Database Consultant, EDB

Aug 27, 2021

Laetitia Avrot is a Senior Database Consultant at EDB and a passionate advocate for women in technology.

Time to Step up Your Data Management Game With Cloud-Native Database

Aug 26, 2021

Databases are a problem for businesses dealing with increased demand as more services are digitised and remote work continues. This is causing IT professionals to rethink how they manage their databases and whether they should change – especially with data volumes increasing dramatically as businesses become more customer-centric.

Digital Bulletin: Designing for Delight

Aug 21, 2021

Digital Bulletin: Designing for Delight

Why PostgreSQL is rapidly becoming the DBMS of choice in Asia

Aug 10, 2021

Over the last decade in Asia, there has been a fundamental shift in attitudes towards adoption of PostgreSQL, which is a free and open-source relational database management system, unlike established database management systems (DBMS) which lock you in to a particular vendor.

Goede opvoeding is nodig bij open-sourcedatabases

Aug 9, 2021

Van alle technologieën die bijdragen aan de groei van bedrijven ziet men databases meestal niet als de meest interessante. Dat komt doordat je databasetechnologie vaak niet ziet, terwijl het een cruciaal onderdeel is voor servers dat ervoor zorgt dat (logistieke) applicaties goed functioneren. Het helpt moderne bedrijven om sneller en efficiënter te werken tegen lagere kosten.

Why open source is critical for innovation

Jul 28, 2021

Initially, the concept of open-source software was met warily, with apprehension. However, today, 90% of global IT leaders seek open-source software to modernise IT infrastructure as well as for application development and digital transformation, due to its ability to drive fast and cost-effective development. 

Why open-source database management? Lower costs, flexibility, innovation

Jul 26, 2021

PostgreSQL has become a highly stable cloud-native database management system.

A fierce battle is raging in the database industry

Jul 19, 2021

A Q&A with Marc Linster, CTO at open source database firm EnterpriseDB.

Why is knowing who builds your open-source database so important?

Jul 17, 2021

We’ve heard time and time again that the open-source model benefits business. Enterprises certainly agree. A top-ten bank in Indonesia realised savings in licensing and maintenance costs while ensuring a high level of performance with open-source software, while a leading Singapore insurance firm simplified long-term code and data management with an open-source deployment.

Italy’s stock exchange shares its Postgres success story

Jul 2, 2021

It wasn’t long ago that chief information officers from large organizations would ignore any ideas of implementing open-source software — they believed it wasn’t right for their businesses, and using it in sensitive industries like finance, trading or healthcare was entirely out of the question, according to Roberto Giordano (pictured), end-user computing, corporate and database services manager at Borsa Italiana Group, Italy’s only stock market exchange.

How open source software is driving digital innovation for Mastercard and ACI Worldwide

Jun 30, 2021

Many banking and financial services companies – who are already faced with technical debt and increased competition from industry outsiders – need to improve customer experience and engagement to keep up. Over 50% of households are keen to move to digital banks from traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ – a sign that this competition is only set to grow.

EDB: IT- en DevOps-professionals op zoek naar beste carrièrepad en mentorschap

Jun 28, 2021

EDB presenteert een onderzoek onder meer dan 1000 IT-professionals, applicatieontwikkelaars en business managers, in aanloop naar Postgres Vision 2021. Het onderzoek toont onder meer dat deze talentpool andere banen overweegt als hen een sterker carrièrepad, beter mentorschap en meer kans om te werken met geavanceerde technologieën, wordt geboden.

Keynote analysis: Power of data sets the tone for Postgres Vision 2021

Jun 25, 2021

The keynote discussion during Postgres Vision 2021 focused on a number of important areas, including the growing use of containers, open-source innovation and the critical role that databases will play in the enterprise. But one of the key takeaways from the presentation given by EnterpriseDB Corp. Chief Executive Officer Ed Boyajian was about the power of data.

Will open-source Postgres take over the database market? Experts weigh in

Jun 25, 2021

Open-source databases are a viable alternative to de facto Oracle across swaths of industries, according to a panel of technology executives. EDB coupled with PostgreSQL can support many workloads that enterprise would formerly have run using Oracle, they said.

Is Kubernetes for Postgres? An expert explains

Jun 25, 2021

A database’s level of simplicity is the most important consideration for assessing when it’s worth shifting it to an advanced, sophisticated infrastructure platform, according to a Kubernetes application development specialist who works closely with PostgreSQL, an open-source relational database management system.

Osirium leans heavily on Postgres for Privileged Access Management

Jun 25, 2021

Anyone that has signed up for an internet service is at least vaguely aware of the complexities that companies face with managing information access and user accounts at a larger scale. With its focus on privileged endpoint management, access management and process automation, Osirium Ltd. has emerged in the IT solutions space.

ACI Worldwide shares its Postgres journey to meet evolving market needs

Jun 25, 2021

As more processes move to the cloud, managing cloud ecosystems becomes increasingly complex. If companies hope to provide the agility their clients need, they must look for a consolidated, comprehensive solution, according to Jeremy Wilmot (pictured), chief product officer of real-time payment software company ACI Worldwide.

Running anywhere and compatible with containers, Postgres eases business path to innovation

Jun 25, 2021

Enterprises taking the path of modernizing their IT infrastructure and using data to gain insights need the flexibility to handle hybrid environments distributed on local legacy systems both in the cloud and at the edge.

Digital transformation, changes in the database market drive Postgres growth

Jun 25, 2021

Anyone looking at the history of the open-source relational database management system Postgres, which dates back to the 1970s with Ingres, would expect an outdated technology, no longer in use today.

IT and DevOps Pros Will Quit for Better Career Path and Mentorship – EDB Survey Shows

Jun 25, 2021

Data from more than 1,000 open source technology users reveals management and soft skills training fell behind amid pandemic.

DevOps professionals to look for better career path

Jun 24, 2021

A recent survey from EDB revealed that management and soft skills training fell behind during the pandemic.

Enterprise databases deployed in Kubernetes? Proceed with caution, warns seasoned analyst

Jun 24, 2021

Deploying the ultimate stateful code in a stateless environment is a 'tricky business' IDC guru opines

EDB-onderzoek: IT- en DevOps-professional zoekt beste carrièremogelijkheden

Jun 23, 2021

EDB, een belangrijke bijdrager aan PostgreSQL, presenteert een onderzoek onder meer dan 1,000 IT-professionals, applicatieontwikkelaars en business managers, in aanloop naar Postgres Vision 2021. Het onderzoek toont onder meer dat deze talentpool andere banen overweegt als hen een sterker carrièrepad, beter mentorschap en meer kans om te werken met geavanceerde technologieën, wordt geboden.

EDB-onderzoek: IT- en DevOps-professional zoekt beste carrièremogelijkheden

Jun 23, 2021

EDB, een belangrijke bijdrager aan PostgreSQL, presenteert een onderzoek onder meer dan 1,000 IT-professionals, applicatieontwikkelaars en business managers, in aanloop naar Postgres Vision 2021. Het onderzoek toont onder meer dat deze talentpool andere banen overweegt als hen een sterker carrièrepad, beter mentorschap en meer kans om te werken met geavanceerde technologieën, wordt geboden.