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Sep 15, 2014
Inforum 2014

Inforum 2014 is the largest, most comprehensive conference Infor offers to its customers. It is a prime venue to meet and collaborate with like-minded colleagues, learn about the latest Infor strategies and products, explore the latest trends in your industry, and take advantage of hands-on education and instruction to propel your organization forward. Speakers include Marc Linster, EnterpriseDB Senior Vice President, Products and Services, Sean Doherty, EnterpriseDB Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development, and Ethan O'Rafferty, EnterpriseDB Vice President, Alliances and Channels. For more information, please visit

Sep 17, 2014
Postgres Open

PostgresOpen 2014 is a 3-day event offering presentations and tutorials about PostgreSQL and related technologies and one day of extended trainings. EnterpriseDB speakers include Marc Linster, Senior Vice President, Products and Services, Bruce Momjian, Senior Database Architect, Dave Page, Chief Architect, Tools & Installers, and Gurjeet Singh, Database Architect. For more information, please visit

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Oct 21, 2014
PostgreSQL Conference Europe 2014

The 6th annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe will be held on October 21-24, 2014, in Madrid, Spain, at the Hotel Miguel Angel. The conference will consist of 3 days of presentations about PostgreSQL and related technologies, and 1 day of extended trainings. PGConf.EU is a unique opportunity for Postgres users and developers worldwide to network, collaborate and socialize. For more information, please visit

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