OpenShift and PostgreSQL from EnterpriseDB

OpenShift - the Platform-as-a-Service for Open Source Developers

Businesses are rapidly exploring and beginning to utilize the cloud as a multi-purpose platform for one or more parts of their IT infrastructure. OpenShift represents a key architecture in providing an expanded ecosystem of products and tools in support of application developers providing best-of-breed products, functionality and ease-of-use similar to what they enjoy in non-cloud development environments.

PostgreSQL - the best-of-breed database chosen as the first RDBMS for OpenShift

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EnterpriseDB is proud to have been selected as the first best-of-breed RDBMS cartridge for the OpenShift platform from Red Hat.  It comes as no surprise when you consider the benefits PostgreSQL has to offer:


  • A vibrant and independent community with regular stable releases
  • World-wide product, subscription, technical, and training support from EnterpriseDB
  • Over 9 server-side development languages including Java, C, Perl and PHP
  • A stored procedure/function debugger
  • Advanced SQL and analytic functions
  • An Oracle compatible version of PostgreSQL

Cloud Ready

Use PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server in the cloud today.  There are PostgresQL 9.0 Amazon AMI's ready for you to try here.  Take advantage of great features like InfiniteCache for elastic cache and database-in-memory management and SQL/Protect to prevent SQL injection attacks in your cloud application as well as PostgreSQL's long standing reputation as the most scalable open source RDBMS for transaction processing.

Cloud Secure

"By default, PostgreSQL is probably the most security-aware database available ...". This was certainly true when mentioned in The Database Hackers Handbook back in 2005 and it is still true today. PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server leave little to chance when it comes to securing your data in the data center or any cloud environment. Here's a sampling of the security features you can benefit from:

  • External Authentication: LDAP, SSL, RADIUS, PAM, Kerberos, GSSAPI, SSPI
  • Data Level Encryption (AES, 3DES, etc.)
  • Object Level privileges assigned to Group/Roles and Users
  • SQL/Protect: SQL injection firewall
  • Column Level Permissions
  • Field level encryption and row level security
  • Server side code obfuscation

Cloud Server Program

Postgres Plus Cloud Server is a cloud agnostic browser based GUI tool for push-button deployments of Postgres Plus Advanced Server High Availability database clusters complete with server replicas, load balancing, replication and failover features. If you would like to participate in the early access program for Cloud Server, email your contact information and a description of the type of cloud deployment you are interested in to

If you are working or investigating working in the cloud, you need to consider PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Download a PostgreSQL based product now.

OpenShift ISV Partner

Ed Boyajian Comments

"EnterpriseDB is proud to be part of Red Hat’s OpenShift platform, and is pleased to provide the open source developer with an enterprise-class, Oracle-compatible cloud database built and maintained through the proven open source development model."

Ed Boyajian


Terracotta And Postgres Plus In The Cloud

"As customers look to private clouds and find they need new approaches to scale data access for their applications, proven technologies like Ehcache from Terracotta and Postgres Plus from EnterpriseDB are becoming new technology standards. Both companies share the same mission of providing a simple and cost effective approach to scaling application data access that monolithic, proprietary database vendors come nowhere close to matching.."

Amit Pandey