Download Postgres Plus® Standard Server

Postgres Plus Standard Server is fully open source and contains all the new features in the community version of PostgreSQL plus it adds the most important enterprise add-on modules (e.g. database connectors, PostGIS geospatial data support, replication, connection pooling, distributed cache, and job scheduler) all pre-packaged and installed in a one-click installer. Standard Server also includes StackBuilder Plus with UpdateMonitor to automatically notify you when updates are available to Standard Server, its enterprise add-on modules, and optional modules that you install. Finally, value added integration testing of enterprise add-on modules assures you that multiple Postgres related modules installed together operate as an enterprise ready database environment.

Installer version 9.0.2-1                                                                                  Release Notes


Installer version 8.4.1-2                                                                                  Release Notes


Installer version 8.3.11-1 

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