Postgres Enterprise Manager™ Capacity Planning and Forecasting

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Capacity Planning and Forecasting

Capacity Manager shines a bright light on your hardware utilization by allowing you to specify the automatic collection of desired performance statistics. Then, you can customize which metrics to analyze, including a historical trend analysis over specified blocks of time. The collected data and subsequent analysis allow you to forecast your resource consumption trends and help plan your data center upgrades or expansion. Capacity Manager also gives you the ability to customize your reports, viewing in graphs and tabular data.


Visual Database Management

Postgres Enterprise Manager provides you with a single management console that allows you to visually manage all aspects of your PostgreSQL servers. You can start and stop PostgreSQL instances, visually change configuration parameters, manage user accounts and security, create and maintain databases, handle all storage management functions tables and associated objects, develop SQL code in a smart editor, perform general backup and restore operations, and register new servers re-using registration for all clients. Postgres Enterprise Manager is the only tool available with so many features and the ability to apply it graphically and easily over large PostgreSQL installations.



Sample Metrics

  Historical/current database availability in a timeline
  Long Running Queries
  Idle Transactions
  Last Vacuum/Analyze
  Blocks Read/Buffer Hits
  WAL files
  Row Inserts,Updates,
Deletes per minute
  Connections, Locks Held
  Database Size and Age
  # of Databases & Schemas
  # of Tables, Views, Functions
  # of Sequences
  # of Prepared Transactions
  # of Tuples Returned, Inserted, Updated, Deleted
  Sequential/Index scans
  Heap/Index Sizes
  # of Rows, Columns, Indexes, Rules and Triggers
  Table and Index bloat
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