Postgres Enterprise Manager™ Highlights

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Feature Highlights:

Enterprise Design

Distributed architecture for flexible and efficient 'management en masse' of large installations.

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Performance Dashboards

At-a-glance views for I/O, storage, memory, user and session activity, and wait statistics.


SQL Profiler

Efficient troubleshooting and optimizing of slow SQL.

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Postgres Expert

Helps enforce best practices from man-years of Postgres expertise.


Capacity Manager

Provides trend analysis for storage and hardware plans.

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Custom Dashboards

Create your own views of selected probes, data, graphs and charts.


Replication Support

Monitoring and alerting for Postgres replication, EDB Replication Server, and Slony

Tuning Wizard

Configures machine utilization and application workload settings for each database.

Update Manager

Monitors the EnterpriseDB software catalog for updates and assists in applying them.

Audit Manager

GUI management of fine grained auditing features in Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

Log Manager

Configure multiple databases at once and view consolidated log results.

Web Client

Access to your monitoring data anytime anywhere from any browser enabled device.

Alert Management

Pre-defined & custom alerts auto-notify you of issues via SMTP or SNMP.

Team Support

Manage users views and access to servers by roles for added security.

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