Oracle® Capabilities in Postgres Plus Advanced Server®

Reduce Your Oracle License Fees!

With Postgres Plus Advanced Server's® database compatibility features, you can use existing Oracle-based applications on the Postgres platform, or run adjacent applications that dove-tail seamlessly with your mission critical databases without additional Oracle licenses.  You can use these same compatibility features to build new Postgres applications, saving money without re-training and re-coding issues.

Advanced Server's database compatibility features for Oracle focus on five feature areas:

  • SQL Extensions.  Advanced Server supplies many critical SQL extensions you rely on, including decode(), the DUAL table, ROWNUM, Object Types and sub-types.
  • PL/SQL Support. Advanced Server's procedural language runs Oracle triggers, stored procedures, function packages (like DBMS_UTL, DBMS_RLS, and DBMS_PROFILER), user defined exceptions, named parameter notation, private synonyms, partitioning syntax, GOTO, Bulk Collect/Fetch/Bind, VARRAY, table() expressions, and more.
  • Compatibility Tools and Utilities.  Advanced Server's Oracle-like tools include: EDB*Plus, EDB*Loader, EDB*Wrap, DBLinks, and popular catalog views, providing experienced DBAs and developers the familiar look, feel, and functionality on which they depend.
  • Application Compatibility. The programming framework includes support for 12+ programming languages and 12+ library interfaces including OCL(OCI support).
  • Push Button Migration. Finally, the Advanced Server Migration Toolkit provides an easy, low-risk Oracle database migration path that converts schema, data, packages, triggers, stored procedures, and functions into a working Postgres Plus Advanced Server based application.

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