Postgres Plus Advanced Server®: There is a better way!

Postgres Plus Advanced Server®: The smart choice for today's developer

If you're a developer, then you're likely pushed all the time to deliver complex applications faster and cheaper than ever before. The absolute last thing you need is a database that forces you to do extra coding or build complex workaround's because it lacks the features and functionality you need. And while expensive proprietary databases may contain the things you'd like for your systems, they oftentimes don't fit the budget for application development projects.

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With Postgres Plus Advanced Server, you can have the best of both worlds: a feature-rich database and development environment that simplifies your life, all at a cost that fits into most any budget. Here's just a small sample of the developer-centric features and benefits that Postgres Plus Advanced Server provides:

  • ANSI Standard SQL Development - There are no special database languages to learn with Postgres Plus Advanced Server; you can hit the ground running and fully utilize your prior SQL coding abilities.
  • Advanced SQL Functions - Unlike some open source databases, you won't be disappointed with Postgres Plus Advanced Server's SQL support. Hierarchical queries, analytic functions, federated database support, and much more is included.
  • Unmatched Language Support - You won't find another database that gives you more coding flexibility or options. Write your stored procedures, functions, triggers, etc., in Java, Oracle® PL/SQL, Ruby, PHP, Python, Perl, C, C++, and others.
  • Seamless Database Compatibility - If you're coming from Oracle and want to run your currently coded Oracle applications against Postgres, then you're in luck. Postgres Plus Advanced Server lets you run your existing Oracle systems with little or no coding changes necessary, and also allows you to develop new applications in Oracle's PL/SQL language using Oracle-like tools, syntax, packages and more.
  • Strong IDE Support - You don't have to worry if your Visual Studio, Eclipse, JBOSS, or other IDE supports Postgres development. You can connect to and develop against Postgres Plus Advanced Server easily with your favorite IDE.
  • SQL Profiler - Helps you locate and pinpoint slow running SQL and then optimize it.
  • Bundled Developer Tools - Postgres Plus Advanced Server comes with database connectors and libraries, visual stored procedure/function debuggers, GUI administration and developer tools, and other aids that make developing complex database systems easy.

To jump-start your development efforts,download Postgres Plus Advanced Server now. Stop spending excessive time developing against databases that don't have what you need or cost too much. Instead, try Postgres Plus Advanced Server today.

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