Postgres Plus Advanced Server®: Advanced capabilities and simplicity

The world's most advanced database is also the world's easiest-to-use database!

You don't want to compromise when it comes to selecting a database. You need strong capabilities and functionality, but you also don't want any difficulty or complexity when it comes to putting those advanced features to work.

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The good news is with Postgres Plus Advanced Server®, you can have the best of both worlds: a full featured, no-compromise database that's also easy to use and work with. EnterpriseDB combines the world's most advanced open source database with unique features and software that make rolling out critical database applications trouble-free. With Postgres Plus Advanced Server, you'll enjoy things like:

  • One-Button Installation - EnterpriseDB pioneered the use of 'OneClick' installers, which install Postgres Plus Advanced Server and its accompanying software in minutes regardless of platform.
  • One-Stop Shopping - With StackBuilder Plus from EnterpriseDB, you don't have to try and find the right accompanying software you need for your Postgres server. StackBuilder Plus packages everything together and lets you choose exactly the components and software that's right for you.
  • Automatic Updates - Never worry if you have the most up-to-date software. EnterpriseDB's automatic update monitor makes you aware when new updates are ready to be downloaded, and guides you through the process of applying them.
  • Easy Oracle® Integration - Postgres Plus Advanced Server allows you to both seamlessly run existing Oracle PL/SQL applications against Postgres and develop new PL/SQL routines for new Postgres systems.
  • Simplified Replication - EnterpriseDB makes replicating one Postgres database to another easy with the bundled xDB replication server. You can also easily replicate data from Oracle systems right to Postgres Plus Advanced Server with the bundled xDB Replication Server.
  • Graphical Admin and Developer Tools - Bundled in with Postgres Plus Advanced Server are GUI administration and SQL development tools, visual code debuggers, automated database and server monitoring software, and much more.
  • Point-and-Click Migration Utility - EnterpriseDB's Migration Studio, which comes with Postgres Plus Advanced Server, visually guides a user through any migration from Oracle, SQL Server®, Sybase®, and MySQL to Postgres.
  • Full Documentation Set - All the features and solutions contained with Postgres Plus Advanced Server are detailed in both online and downloadable documentation.
  • Help When You Need It - EnterpriseDB's professional services staff are always available to help you with everything from architectural decisions, performance tuning issues, and much more.

Find out how powerful and easy Postgres Plus Advanced Server is to use. Download Postgres Plus Advanced Server now and start building database applications faster and easier than you ever have before.

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