Postgres Plus Advanced Server®: Highly Available and Very Scalable

Scale your data and keep it always available with Postgres Plus Advanced Server®

If your database systems need to be constantly available and also scale to meet heavy user demands, then you need to look into Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Postgres Plus Advanced Server has a proven track record for supporting the toughest transactional systems as well as read-intensive applications, and is the only independent open source database choice for those needing a powerful database that is priced for almost any budget.

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Solutions from EnterpriseDB help ensure that your databases provide high degrees of uptime and are configured for disaster recovery and failover situations. Moreover, EnterpriseDB products and services help make certain that your applications can scale to meet the growth that successful companies experience. With Postgres Plus Advanced Server you get:

  • Cloud Database Integration - self-service provisioning of Postgres Plus Advanced Server databases in single instances, development sandboxes, or clustered read scalable deployments in minutes with no special skills in a low cost pay-­for-­use cloud environment.
  • The World's Most Advanced Open Source Database - With Postgres Plus Advanced Server, you enjoy a full-featured and no-compromise database that has been enterprise hardened and proven to perform under extreme circumstances with exceptional security.
  • Integration With Third-Party Clustering Software - Full integration with high availability solutions such as Red Hat's Cluster Suite is available with Postgres Plus Advanced Server.
  • Flexible Replication Solutions - With Postgres Plus Advanced Server, you can build sharded systems or other replication architectures with a variety of bundled solutions. Postgres-to-Postgres, Oracle-to-Postgres, Master-to-Master, and similar styled applications are fully supported.
  • Standby Database Support - It's easy to set up and utilize standby database failover implementations with software and help from EnterpriseDB.
  • Bundled Failover and Connection Pooling - With EnterpriseDB's StackBuilder Plus, you have access to software that allows you to set up and configure failover between Postgres servers and connection pooling to help scale large concurrent user environments.

Getting started with Postgres Plus Advanced Server is easy. Download Postgres Plus Advanced Server and see how easy it is to keep your data always available and ensure it scales with the success of your business.

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