Postgres Plus Advanced Server®: Better protection for your critical data!

Postgres Plus Advanced Server®: Securing today's critical business data

Modern businesses want to take full advantage of open source databases and the benefits they offer, but are worried that they can't deliver the type of security features that the more expensive proprietary databases do. Postgres Plus Advanced Server stands up and delivers robust security protection where other open source databases fall short.

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Postgres Plus Advanced Server doesn't disappoint in the area of database security management. Whether you need basic or very sophisticated security features for the database applications you're building, you'll find Postgres Plus Advanced Server lets you develop a bulletproof security plan that protects your critical business data.

Examples of Advanced Server security features and benefits include:

  • ANSI Standard SQL Support - Postgres Plus Advanced Server utilizes the very familiar GRANT/REVOKE paradigm for assigning authentication and object permissions.
  • External Authentication - You can easily manage security in your databases via external authentication mechanisms such as Kerberos, PAM, LDAP, SSPI, and others.
  • Group/Role Support - Postgres fully supports group/role permission management and does not force permissions be granted only at the user level.
  • Granular Object Permissions - Users can be granted access to all the data in a table or only specific columns.
  • Virtual Private Database - Now you can segregate users from each others data while implementing row level security policies that are centralized and easy to maintain.
  • Security Auditing - Built-in security auditing allows you to easily audit user activity.
  • Code Obfuscation - If you use stored procedures, functions, etc., to manage some or all of your application logic inside the database, you can encrypt the source code so it is fully protected from any unauthorized access.
  • SQL Injection Protection - There is no need to worry about SQL attacks against your database. Postgres Plus Advanced Server's built-in SQL injection attack protection makes this concern a thing of the past.
  • View Security Barriers - Views tagged with a security_barrier option cannot be moved into other scopes, preventing possible leakage of view-prohibited data.

To see these security features and more in action, download Postgres Plus Advanced Server today. Learn how you can protect your databases exactly the way you want at a cost that's a fraction of the proprietary database vendors.

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