Top ten ways Postgres Plus Advanced Server® helps you

Postgres Plus Advanced Server® helps power the database applications for some of the world's most demanding organizations. Companies like Sony, the Washington Times, IBM, Vonage, and others have discovered the financial and technical benefits of using Postgres Plus Advanced Server in their business.

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If you're wondering how Postgres Plus Advanced Server can help you, consider the following features and benefits that companies like yours are enjoying today: 

1. Advanced Server is a No-Compromise and Mature Database.

2. Proven Performance.

3. Strong Security and Data Protection.

4. High availability and scalability.

5. Database compatibility features and replication for Oracle®.

6. Comprehensive Developer Support.

7. Easy Installation and Maintenance.

8. Powerful Management Tools.

9. Open Source Independence with Proprietary Software Benefits.

10. Exceptional Total Cost of Ownership.

Why not give Postgres Plus Advanced Server a try? Download it now and start experiencing the benefits that many others are enjoying today.

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