PostgreSQL Overview

PostgreSQL: The World's Most Advanced Open Source Database

  • Recognized for its transaction processing capabilities and performance across a wide array of query intensive and mixed load applications.
  • In development for over 20 years
  • Full ACID compliance and ANSI SQL compliant
  • Full relational integrity, MVCC, triggers, stored procedures
  • Extensive data type and functions support for HSTORE (schema-less key-value), JSON and XML 
  • Online Backup and PITR
  • Support for multiple procedural languages and highly configurable and extensible
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Check out the latest release (v9.3) and its new features including:

  • Materialized Views
  • Replication Improvements
  • Writable Foreign Tables
  • Expanded JSON support for web developers
  • Custom Backgroun Workers
  • Event Triggers
  • Lateral JOIN


A Vibrant Open Source Community

PostgreSQL is one of the largest and most mature open source projects today. The project maintains over a dozen mailing lists, as well as several user groups, an active IRC community, and international sites in multiple languages. The active community has not only produced an outstanding database, but is also known for having some of the best open source documentation available today as well as a vibrant ecosystem of support and service companies that includes EnterpriseDB.

EnterpriseDB and the PostgreSQL Community

EnterpriseDB contributes in many ways to the Postgres community. We are the single largest contributor to the PostgreSQL project and employ key people who provide not only contributions to the code base but critical leadership for product direction as well.

We make direct contributions of features like Materialized Views (v9.3), Index Only Scans (v9.2), HOT (Heap Only Tuples) which was a centerpiece of the PostgreSQL v8.3 release, and StackBuilder which installs the installer. We also fund community projects like Full Text Search and GridSQL® providing PostgreSQL with a commodity hardware based horizontal scaling architecture.

Our contributions have not just helped improve PostgreSQL, but have also provided a rock solid platform to build sophisticated enterprise ready database products that rivals any commercial database.

Postgres Plus Products

In addition to contributing to the community version of PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB also builds and markets PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server. The PostgreSQL One-Click installer is a professionally packaged version of the community open source project plus other complimentary open source components all wrapped inside a friendly one click graphical installer.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server adds enterprise class performance features, advanced security, and Oracle compatibility allowing organizations of all sizes to replace or compliment their existing commercial databases with an open source based database with incredibly low Total Cost of Ownership without sacrificing performance or critical features.

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