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PostgreSQL Overview

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source database. Developed
over 25 years by a vibrant open source community, PostgreSQL includes:

World's most advanced open source database
25+ years of development by a large, independent and thriving community
Most secure open source database available
Fully supported by EnterpriseDB's own PostgreSQL experts
Active world-wide deployments in public and private sector organizations of all sizes and missions

How To Buy Support and EDB Tools for PostgreSQL


A Standard Edition database subscription provides best in class PostgreSQL support and Performance, Scalability, High Availability, and Management tools.

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Additional Software Developed by EnterpriseDB

In addition to being a community supporter and contributor, EnterpriseDB offers other Postgres related software designed to assist enterprise-class database deployments.

Learn morePostgres Plus Advanced Server

Postgres Plus Advanced Server continually integrates each major, minor and security release of community PostgreSQL and then adds enterprise security, performance, manageability, development and Oracle compatibility features designed for large enterprise requirements. Advanced Server's Oracle compatibility allows existing Oracle users to move their applications to a lower cost alternative while preserving their investment in Oracle code, skills and practices.

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Learn moreEnterpriseDB Tools

EnterpriseDB Tools for performance, scalability, high availability, and management make your databases safer, faster, more available, and easier to manage. A free trial of Postgres Enterprise Manager, xDB Replication Server, SQL/Protect, Migration Toolkit and Update Monitor are included in either the PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server downloads. After the database installs run StackBuilder (Plus) and look for EDB tools.