Training FAQ

Q: What are the Courses and Certifications offered by EDB and what do they cost?

A: Please visit our Postgres Training Sessions page ( to get the latest training course offerings, schedules, and training class agendas, as well as pricing details.

We offer many courses for PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, and certification paths for each ot these tracks (PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server). 

Our Certification FAQs outline the courses that apply toward certification eligibility. You are of course free to take these courses in any order. Please note, however, that certification exams are offered only in sequence, as you must successfully complete the Associates level before proceeding to the Professional level of certification.. 

EDB also offers a number of shorter courses by specific topic. Please visit our Postgres Training and Certification Services page ( for an overview of all our Postgres training.

Q: Help!  I just registered for an On-Demand class but did not yet receive access instructions. 

A: It can take up to 24 hours to process registration. Please email us at if you have not yet received your training access information and you have an urgent need to begin the class. Please note: registration and access  information is sent from Please check your spam or junk mail folders before submitting a request for access.

Q: Why do the On-Demand classes have a date? I thought they were "on-demand" and available any time?

A: On-Demand classes are available to take at any time and are not limited by dates. Revisions are currently being made to the training content on our website, and the dates will be removed when these revisions are complete.

Q: What version of Postgres are the courses based on?

A: Most of the courses are based on the latest version of Postgres. If you have any version-specific requirements, we encourage you to email us at regarding the specific class you are interested in taking.

Q: How do I register for and purchase a class?

A: You can register online and pay for the training classes you wish to attend by clicking the “Register Now” button on each training page. If you are looking for Sales help, please call the number for your region found in the header of our website.  

Q: Is it possible to choose the dates for online/onsite training?

A: You can select a date on the Postgres Training Sessions page on our website. If you would like to take a training on a different date, we can do a private class for you. Please email us at to schedule custom sessions for the dates and types of training you need. 

Q: Is it possible to choose the content/topics of the training?

A: Yes. If you have specific topics requirements, we can deliver a customized training class. Please email us at for details.

Q: What are the pre-requisites for an online training session?

A: EDB offers online training two ways: 

  • Live Virtual Training (LVT)
  • On-Demand/self-paced courses

Our Live Virtual Training (LVT) use WebEx or Adobe Connect in order to enable the online interaction between the trainer and students. For audio (to hear and speak during class), we use Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) technology.

Here are the minimum requirements to attend a Live Virtual Training (LVT):

  • Administrator or Power User rights to be able to install the required software and plug-ins
  • USB/analog headset with an integrated microphone connected to your computer
  • To ensure good audio quality during the class, a wired Internet connection is recommended (instead of a wireless connection)
  • You should also ensure that the necessary software, drivers, speakers etc. are installed and that your audio card is working
  • High-speed Internet connection (LAN, DSL, cable)
  • JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled

Here are the minimum requirements to take an On-Demand course:

  • Web browser with a high-speed Internet connection
  •  Adobe Flash Player version 10.1 or greater

Q: Do I get a certificate after completing the training?

A: Yes. EDB awards a Certificate of Completion to all trainees at the completion. These are sent as e-certificates.


Training Catalog

Our trainings are delivered by PostgreSQL experts, based upon years of best practices. Live Virtual Training, On-Demand/Self-Paced, and Classroom formats are available.

Download our catalog:

EDB Global Training Course Catalog