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Jason Davis, Sr. Director, Product Management

Building on PostgreSQL 9.5 with developer and DBA enhancements, EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.5 delivers significant enhancements in performance, security, integration and other productivity enhancements. Together, these advances propel EDB Postgres deeper into enterprise use cases, allowing IT to transform their core DBMS to drive application innovation. Listen to this webinar recording to learn more! 


Jason Davis, Sr. Director, Product Management

Listen to this presentation recording to learn about the new technological breakthroughs in xDB Replication Server 6.0. 

Craig Guarente, CEO, Palisade Compliance
Lenley Hensarling, SVP, Strategy & Product Management, EnterpriseDB

Palisade Compliance and EnterpriseDB joined together to present the key challenges and options to consider in dealing with the pending Oracle SE and SE2 license changes.  

Bruce Momjian, Co-Founder of the PGSQL Global Development Group & Sr. Database Architect, EDB

Bruce Momjian, the Co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group reviews the new features and enhancements in Postgres 9.5. 

Phil Vacca, Senior Database Consultant

Listen to this recording to receive 10 hot tips for an effective Postgres deployment. 

Otmane Lahrichi, Consultant Avant-Vente

Rejoignez Otmane Lahrichi alors qu’il présente en français les principales méthodes que tous les membres de l'équipe doivent prendre en considération avant de commencer une migration d'Oracle vers PostgreSQL

Jason Davis Sr. Director Product Management

Learn about the key methodologies that all the members of the team should consider when moving from Oracle to Postgres.

Pierre Fricke, VP Product Marketing

Learn how IT leads can free up their budget from expensive database investments to subscription-based, cloud ready Postgres offerings. 

Marc Linster, SVP Products & Services

Erfahren Sie, wie IT-Führungskräfte Unternehmensbudgets freigeben können, indem sie Geld in abonnementbasierte, Cloud-fähige Postgres-Angebote anstatt in teure Datenbanken investieren.

Marc Linster, SVP Products & Services

Réduire les coûts TCO des bases de données, adopter un modèle par souscription, basculer les données dans le Cloud… Découvrez comment parvenir à relier l’impossible avec Postgres!