On-Demand Webcasts

Juan Zamoraramires, Gerente Regional Sur

Escucha al webinar y descubrirá cómo los profesionales del dato están ahorrando dinero con Open Source!  Presentacion en espanol. 


Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

Learn the latest NoSQL features in Postgres! 


Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

This webinar brings real-life best practices from the field, drawing from our teams who support hundreds of Postgres instances and production database systems for customers worldwide. We will share meaningful monitoring and maintenance practices, with tuning and planning advice that can help prevent, resolve, or eliminate common issues, increasing system performance and moreover your effectiveness as a DBA.

Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

Watch the second presentation of our Unstructured Postgres webinar series!  This time you will see how you can deliver applications faster with Postgres. 


Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

This webinar presentation opens the door to gaining a better understanding of the NoSQL capabilities in Postgres, teaches you several scenarios for working with JSON in Postgres, and will give you a glimpse into performance metrics. 


Erik Baardse, Director of EMEA Sales

Listen to this presentation to learn how today’s new enterprise data infrastructure model has evolved. You will discover how data professionals are saving money by targeting their database challenges with the most cost-effective solutions, and where open source-based and proprietary solutions can optimally co-exist.

Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

This presentation offers a unique lens into the kinds of issues many enterprises face when deploying Postgres applications in production and scaling for growth. By supporting hundreds of production Postgres installations worldwide, EDB is uniquely qualified to share insights about how enterprises use Postgres today and best practices when planning for the future. 

Bruce Momjian, Senior Database Architect
Marc Linster, SVP Products and Services

Listen to Bruce Momjian and Marc Linster explore how Postgres has expanded to include NoSQL capabilities that benefit many business use cases in lieu of a dedicated solution.

If you are running on Red Hat Linux and looking to leverage PostgreSQL in a high availability environment with Red Hat Cluster Suite, then this is the right technical presentation for you!  

If you are bogged down by too many impending changes to your database – updates, fixes and add-ons, your team is falling behind in the scope of knowledge to manage your Postgres database, or your team simply does not have the bandwidth to maintain everything, it is the right time to learn more about EnterpriseDB’s RemoteDBA services.