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Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

The path to creating a single view of your customers or your transactional systems is overflowing with high costs and complexity. Major vendors have built massive, million-dollar systems that are too expensive and too complicated for most. NoSQL-only solutions seem to have promise, but simply do not necessarily have what you need. Learn what Postgres can do for you that NoSQL-only solutions can't. 

Devrim Gündüz, Principal Systems Engineer

EDB'nin veri ve tecrübesine dayanarak, bu webinarda Postgres kullanıcılarının genelde başına gelen sorunları anlatacak ve üretim ortamındaki Postgres kurulumlarınızda bu sorunları nasıl aşacağınız konusundaki ipuçlarını paylaşacağız.

Sandra Wiecki

Registrieren Sie sich für dieses Webinar, um einen Einblick in die Themen und Herausforderungen zu gewinnen, denen Firmen bei der Implementierung und Inbetriebnahme von Postgres begegnen können.

Fred Dalrymple, Product Manager, Postgres Plus Cloud Database

Learn how much you can achieve with a Postgres Plus Cloud Database! Discover the savings, efficiency, transactional processing and more. 

John Insko, VP Sales, North & Latin America
Doug Carlson, Business Unit Executive, NA Power Systems Scale-Out & ISV Sales, IBM

Listen to this joint webinar with IBM and EnterpriseDB to learn more about the benefits of incorporating a Postgres database within your IBM infrastructure. 


Juan Zamoraramires, Gerente Regional Sur

Escucha al webinar y descubrirá cómo los profesionales del dato están ahorrando dinero con Open Source!  Presentacion en espanol. 


Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

Learn the latest NoSQL features in Postgres! 


Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

This presentation brings real-life best practices from the field, drawing from our teams who support hundreds of Postgres instances and production database systems for customers worldwide.  

Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

Watch the second presentation of our Unstructured Postgres webinar series!  This time you will see how you can deliver applications faster with Postgres. 


Marc Linster, SVP, Products & Services

This webinar presentation opens the door to gaining a better understanding of the NoSQL capabilities in Postgres, teaches you several scenarios for working with JSON in Postgres, and will give you a glimpse into performance metrics.