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Korry Douglas, Senior Database Architect & PostgreSQL Community Contributor
What if you could setup and use a database in just 13 minutes? Find out how on May 19th!
Matt Cicciari, Director, Product Marketing
Jason Davis, Sr. Director, Product Management
Join us on May 12 to prepare for the digital transformation!
Sandra Wiecki, Director, Product Marketing
Are you asking yourself which Postgres solution is best for your organization? Listen to this webcast to find out!
Matt Cicciari, Director, Product Marketing
Debra Brucato, Director, Services Product Management
If you are in the process of deploying or have successfully deployed Postgres, and want to maintain an efficient and effective database environment, this is the webinar for you!
Tom Gendron, Sr. Sales Engineer
Listen to this webinar recording to understand the tools available in the EDB Postgres Management Suite that will help DBAs succeed!
Gary Carter, Director Field Marketing
Attend this presentation to explore cost-effective substitutes for Oracle® database management systems.
Matt Cicciari - Director, Product Marketing
Craig Silveira - VP, Global Sales Engineering
Jason Davis - Senior Director, Product Management
Data loss occurs more often than people realize or are willing to admit. In fact, compromised data is not a question of if, but rather of when. At a minimum, loss of irreplaceable data results in lost sales and revenues, contract penalties, potential non-compliance with the law, decreased stock value, and even bankruptcy. Perhaps most important, lost costs diminish an enterprise’s ability to pursue strategic business initiatives.
Matt Cicciari - Director, Product Marketing
Debra Brucato - Director, Services Product Management
Listen to this webinar and receieve help in minimizing your deployment challenges to ensure that your Postgres plans meet and exceed goals.
Marc Linster, SVP Products & Services

Migrer depuis Oracle vers EDB Postgres™ peut sembler difficile. Toutefois, une fois que vous avez mis en place une stratégie globale, il est utile d'examiner et de préparer la migration de votre base de données depuis Oracle vers EDB Postgres en s'appuyant sur les critères appropriés. Assistez à cette présentation pour découvrir les méthodologies essentielles que tous les membres de votre équipe doivent envisager avant de planifier une migration.

Mark Jones, Sales Engineer

There are multiple reasons to restore a database from a backup. Under rare circumstances, this might even become necessary in a production environment. In that case, the business will probably require you to restore to the latest point in time, known to hold valid data.