President, Hurwitz & Associates

Judith Hurwitz discusses critical business issues facing today's enterprises, the role of open source databases in the information management space, anticipation management, and cloud computing 

Open Source Evangelist

Matt Asay discusses Alfresco, trends in open source, appropriate uses of open source software, and life as a well-known CNET blogger.

General Manager Americas, Talend

Vincent Pineau discusses Talend's backstory, the features that differentiate Talend from commercial vendors, the core features of a data integration solutions, and the growth of Talend's community.

PostgreSQL Core Team Member

Josh Berkus discusses working in the context of the international PostgreSQL community, perspectives on Sun's acquisition of MySQL, PostgreSQL's 8.4 release, and the influx of SaaS-based applications.

Founder, Planet Argon

Robby Russell discusses his affinity for PostgreSQL, the founding of Planet Argon, the growing success and adoption of Ruby on Rails, and his opinions about cloud computing.