EnterpriseDB: What’s New in Postgres

Thursday, January 24, 11:00am EST

Listen to Gary Carter as he presents an overview of EnterpriseDB's 2012-2013 product updates.

During this presentation Gary reviewed 3 key product releases that will improve your performance, efficiency and scalability – Postgres Plus Advanced Server v.9.2, Postres Enterprise manager v.3.0 and xDB Replication Server v5.0.

  • Postgres Plus Advanced Server provides performance features, security and Oracle compatibility. Advance Server will give you the additional speed (and bonus ROI) in your working environment.
  • Postgres Enterprise Manager trial became available in November. It is the only tool of its kind where you can manage, monitor, and tune PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server databases from a single graphical console.
  • xDB Replication Server is an asynchronous, multi-master or single master replication system that is easy to install and configure and provides a rich graphical management console. The multi-master system provides enhanced read scalability and write availability while synchronizing data continuously between masters complete with automatic conflict detection and resolution.


Webcast Author: 
Gary Carter, Sr. Product Manager, EnterpriseDB
1:00 Hour