MVCC Unmasked

Wednesday, June 08, 9:00am EDT

Bruce Momjian discusses Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) in PostgreSQL in this webcast.

Mutli-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) allows PostgreSQL to offer high concurrency even during significant database read/write activity. MVCC specifically offers behavior where "readers never block writers, and writers never block readers".

Join Bruce Momjian, Senior Database Architect, EnterpriseDB, for this presentation "MVCC Unmasked". During this webinar you will learn how MVCC is implemented in PostgreSQL and how you can optimize PostgreSQL to minimize the downsides of MVCC.


Webcast Author: 
Bruce Momjian, PostgreSQL Core Committer and EnterpriseDB Senior Database Architect
1 Hour 40 Minutes