Overview of Postgres 9.5

Tuesday, November 24, 8:00am EST

Bruce Momjian, the Co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group reviews the new features and enhancements in Postgres 9.5. 


Postgres 9.5 adds many features designed to enhance the productivity of developers: UPSERT, CUBE, ROLLUP, JSONB functions, and PostGIS improvements. For administrators, it has row-level security, a new index type, and performance enhancements for large servers. Bruce will discuss the top ten new features that will appear in the Postgres 9.5 release.
Postgres Plus Advanced Server has relentless focus on performance, security, and special tools over multiple releases continues to expand the range of solutions possible with Postgres Plus. Resource Manager prioritizes CPU and I/O, protecting important processes. This allows DBAs to limit resource consumption, preventing any single Postgres Plus process from monopolizing resources to the detriment of other processes. Recent partitioning improvements, linear read performance scaling up to 64 cores, optimized locking techniques, and multiple performance boosting features handle the largest OLTP loads for many commercial, U.S. government, and non-profit organizations of all sizes and missions.


Webcast Author: 
Bruce Momjian, Co-Founder of the PGSQL Global Development Group & Sr. Database Architect, EDB
1 Hour