Postgres In the Cloud: an Introduction to Postgres Plus Cloud Database

Thursday, September 08, 1:00pm EDT

Join Hans Hrasna, Senior Architect, EnterpriseDB, as he presents Postgres Plus Cloud Database, its architecture and main features. This session will provide insights into this enterprise-class PostgreSQL database as-a-service, including the Company's comprehensive suite of Oracle-compatible functionality.

Today, more enterprises than ever are enabling applications to be deployed on public and private cloud infrastructure. Postgres Plus Cloud Database is the first PostgreSQL solution on the market that offers the features, functionality and support that is required for enterprise environments.

In addition to an introduction to the Postgres Plus Cloud Database architecture, this webcast will provide an overview of the following capabilities:

  • Point-and-click simple setup & management  with web-based interface
  • Transparent/elastic node addition
  • Automatic load balancing, failover and fail-back
  • Status management and monitoring
  • Online backup and point-in-time recovery
  • Clone database
  • EnterpriseDB Oracle Compatibility
Webcast Author: 
Hans Hrasna
45 Minutes