Road to Freedom: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Oracle Migration Projects

Thursday, June 30, 9:00am EDT

Mitigate the risks associated with migrations and achieve the full benefit of vendor freedom!

Enterprises have a variety of reasons for wanting to migrate applications from one database platform to another, including: reducing licensing fees, simplifying heterogeneous architectures, or taking advantage of new technologies. However, technical challenges due to incompatible database languages, syntax and proprietary features have made migrating off of Oracle difficult and costly - until now. 

Join us on June 30, 2011 at 1pm EST for this webcast, "Road to Freedom: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Oracle Migration Projects". This webcast is geared towards helping Architects, DBAs and Application Developers migrate off of Oracle and onto Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Craig Silveira, Director of WW Sales Engineering for EnterpriseDB will provide the insights and methodologies to help you:

  • Prioritize the right application or project for your first Oracle migration
  • Execute a well-defined, phased migration process to minimize risk and increase time to value
  • Avoid the pitfalls and handle common issues in these types of migration projects

If you are exploring ways of saving money on your database infrastructure or are directly involved in the scoping and execution of database migration efforts, this is a must see webcast.


Webcast Author: 
Craig Silveira, Worldwide Director of Sales Engineering
1 Hour