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The fastest, most scalable, highly secure edition of Postgres available today, with database compatibility for Oracle® and unique performance features backed by a world-class support organization.

SQL/Protect guards against multiple SQL injection vectors at the data tier as a backstop for application developer techniques against SQL Injection attacks. It provides a standardized approach to protecting data managed by Database Administrators.

Discover the utility of replication for increasing OTLP and reporting performance, running systems in parallel, creating warm standby servers, seeding new systems, and even reducing your Oracle license fees.

Having trouble choosing the best Postgres product for your needs? Use this handy two page choice chart to pick between basic PostgreSQL, Postgres Plus Standard Server, and Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

Postgres Enterprise Manager is the only solution available today that allows you to intelligently manage large numbers of Postgres database servers enterprise-wide from a single console. To meet this objective, Postgres Enterprise Manager supplies you with all the core features and functionality needed for visual database administration, as well as a number of advanced components that assist in monitoring and managing the performance, configuration, and design of your database servers.

Multi-master replication solutions are ideal for geo-dispersed organizations in need of better local write performance, improved write availability, scaling read workloads, and continuous data synchronization for applications tolerant of eventual consistency.

Failover Manager creates fault tolerant database clusters in multiple HA configurations minimizing downtime and ensuring data remains available in the event of a failure.

Learn how EnterpriseDB, the leader in Postgres software and services, has helped more than 2,400 customers contain database costs with open source PostgreSQL. Enhancements integrated into its Postgres Plus Advanced Server provide a powerful open source-based alternative for the database layer in IT software stacks.

The steps involved in making a database available to the user include hardware and storage provisioning, network configuration, OS installation, and database setup and tuning. Each of these steps takes precious time. This is where Database-as-a-Service solutions come into play, automating and testing these steps thoroughly to enable faster time to value. Postgres Plus® Cloud Database (PPCD) is EnterpriseDB’s (EDB) reliable, secure cloud Database-as-a-Service solution, based on either a flexible pay-as-you-go model or a cost-efficient annual subscription.

Postgres Plus Cloud Database Advanced is designed for enterprises who wish to run mission-critical applications in the cloud. Featuring EnterpriseDB's flagship Postgres Plus Advanced Server with database compatibility for Oracle, PPCD Advanced can support many existing Oracle applications with few or no modifications. All databases are deployed to private instances for security, predictable performance, and customer accessibilty. A cluster architecture provides automatic read scale-out performance, failover, and backups.

Postgres Plus Cloud Database Basic meets web business needs for a highly available and scalable database that can support online financial transactions, catalog and domain information, business intelligence applications, and development in the cloud. All databases are deployed to private instances for security, predictable performance, and customer accessibility. A cluster architecture provides automatic read scale-out performance, failover, and backups.

NoSQL capabilities in Postgres represent a powerful combination of unstructured and relational database technologies in a single enterprise database management system. Postgres NoSQL provides the freedom, flexibility and performance of handling unstructured and semi-structured data while preserving its long-term viability as enterprise information. Postgres document and key-value store technologies provide the advantages of new NoSQL technologies plus the ability to integrate them into traditional corporate data infrastructures without data silos, operational complexity, loss of data integrity, and risk.

Don’t risk the dangers of a downed server and an inadequate DR infrastructure. EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (EDB BART) greatly simplifies what has until now been a time-consuming process. Discover how simple creating a professional backup and recovery infrastructure can be.

EDB Postgres™ Cloud Management integrates with OpenStack® to provide a private cloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) solution. EDB Postgres™ Cloud Management allows you to deploy new databases within minutes by automating infrastructure provisioning as well as database installation and configuration.

Data integration is key for business intelligence and analytics. The EDB Postgres Integration Suite allows you to build a data platform for a unified view of data, making it available for company-wide analytics to gain better insights into processes and customer behavior.


This data sheet provides an overview of both the EDB Postgres Standard Edition and EDB Postgres Enterprise Edition subscriptions. These EnterpriseDB subscriptions provide flexible options including 24/7 support, regular software updates, timely resolution of technical inquiries from Postgres experts and productivity tools for DBAs, Developers and your data center.

A Developer Edition subscription provides a fast path to application building and deployment by integrating your development efforts with EDB tools for Performance, Scalability, High Availability and Management, custom consulting advice and best practices for mission-critical production systems.

This data sheet provides an overview of the EDB Postgres Enterprise Edition subscription, the most powerful open source based database and tools package designed specifically for large enterprises and workloads. 

This data sheet provides an overview of the EDB Postgres Standard subscription, including the PostgreSQL database, EDB's mission-critical tool suites, and 24/7 support.


Save money by executing existing Oracle applications and creating new ones on top of the most advanced and highest performing open source relational database available today.

Packaged Services

The Architectural Health Check Service delivers high impact recommendations for multiple aspects of your system including tuning, partitioning, replication and high availability.

The High Availability Setup Service with Red Hat Cluster Suite delivers all of the analysis, strategy, implementation and QA support you need to create a reliable and continuously available database infrastructure.

EnterpriseDB applies its deep Postgres technical expertise together with its best practice experience in large enterprise accounts to offer organizations 3 levels of Remote DBA services to monitor, manage and tune their Postgres infrastructures.

An EnterpriseDB Technical Account Manager (TAM) is a designated technical Postgres resource who works closely with your IT organization and provides guidance on how to make the best use of your Postgres investment. 

The Best Practice Setup for Postgres: The Enterprise Architecture Setup Service provides a Postgres enterprise architecture designed to meet the requirements for a robust and reliable OLTP architecture.

Accelerate Your Escape from Vendor Lock-In: Taking a measured and planned approach to adopting a secondary database or switching databases is a wise decision.