PostgreSQL Professional Services

Custom Services: the fastest, highest-quality way to meet immediate system needs

EnterpriseDB has more depth and expertise in PostgreSQL based solutions than any other PostgreSQL based company. In addition to our Packaged Services, EnterpriseDB can flexibly accommodate your unique service and support needs. You will receive a professional level of care on a time and materials basis for a well scoped Statement of Work.

The Pre-Engagement SOW

Prior to the engagement, EnterpriseDB consultants will work closely with your staff analyzing the details of your current technology to discover, identify and define your new requirements. A detailed Statement of Work (SOW) outlining the scope of services to be performed will be mutually developed and agreed upon. The SOW will help you gauge the progress and final success of the consulting engagement and assure you that your stated goals are met.

The Engagement

Next our PostgreSQL experts will work with your staff through the implementation. During the engagement, we can guide and assist your staff or perform the work with you as we craft solutions and provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to grow and maintain the results.

We will make sure the appropriate scripts, processes, and procedures are put in place to deliver a long lasting solution. The whole engagement is then reviewed in a knowledge transfer exercise to ensure your staff has documentation, takes ownership of the work, and can provide for its ongoing maintenance.

Consider Your Options

EnterpriseDB Professional Service consultants can help your enterprise address many top priority issues including:

  • Plan and implement a data center or technology / platform migration
  • Plan and implement the integration of two or more data centers
  • Plan and implement scalable architectures
  • Plan and implement flexible Web 2.0 data tiers
  • Stabilize an inherited database architecture and plan for integration, improvements, and expansion
  • Integrate Postgres into your existing database solution

Decide Confidently

Our consultants have years of experience working with production database systems, and they have core PostgreSQL developers available on EnterpriseDB's staff to solve the toughest database issues quickly and competently. Whether the work is for a single database, a database tier, or a data center, you can utilize and take advantage of our depth of experience and skills with confidence.

Take the Next Step

To schedule a free pre-engagement discovery meeting with a service engineer, contact an EnterpriseDB sales representative today.

BioClinica Succeeds with Proactive Services

"EnterpriseDB became part of the BioClinica design team and helped us to make valuable improvements to our replication design."

Emmanuel Olart,
Manager, Technical Services
BioClinica (formerly Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc.)

Cloud DBA Services

Do you need to get started in the cloud without delay? Sign up for our Cloud DBA Services and we'll set up, administer and monitor your Postgres Plus Cloud Database 24x7. Or, if you've already set up your database but need ongoing management, we'll do that too. 

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Video: Professional Services

EnterpriseDB offers an ecosystem of services to help ensure success with Postgres deployments. This short video provides an overview of our flexible implementation, production support, and training options.

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