Postgres-XC Services

As a core member of the team, EnterpriseDB can help you with many aspects of Postgres-XC including:

  • a full understanding of its architecture,
  • the types of scaling problems it can address,
  • its compatibility with PostgreSQL,

Postgres-XC (eXtensible Cluster) is a multi-master write-scalable PostgreSQL cluster based on a shared-nothing architecture, developed by the Postgres-XC Development Group.  With Postgres-XC any update to any master by a client application is visible from other masters immediately by other clients.


A key objective of the Postgres-XC project is to provide write scalability to database clustering. The goal is accomplished when adding more nodes to the cluster provides additional write capabilities in a linear fashion, and the Postgres-XC project is already approaching near linear scalability.

Reference: Postgres-XC Scalability

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