Compatibility Equals Customer Choice

On April 22, 2009, IBM announced the general availability of DB2® 9.7, including an comprehensive implementation of EnterpriseDB's database compatibility technology (read EnterpriseDB's related press release). With this announcement, both DB2 and EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus® Advanced Server deliver high-powered compatibility solutions that level the playing field for Oracle® database users, providing extensive portability of applications and knowledge. Oracle customers can now choose the database products that best fit their needs - Oracle, DB2 and/or Postgres Plus - without incurring the time, cost and risks traditionally associated with database migrations. EnterpriseDB's compatibility technology is in its fifth generation of evolution. It is deployed with Postgres Plus Advanced Server today at some of the world's largest public and private sector organizations, all of which use the technology to achieve Oracle database migration and coexistence.

The Database Compatibility Imperative

Although most commercial database products support some level of ANSI SQL, applications built for those products are far from portable. Database vendors have implemented unique data types and functions, proprietary APIs, stored procedure languages, command constructs and utilities that collectively eliminate the very portability ANSI SQL strives to achieve. As application developers and DBAs learn to navigate those interfaces and deploy database applications that embed proprietary constructs, vendors reach a significant degree of technology lock-in. History has proven that, once a vendor is locked in and is no longer motivated to compete for a seat at the IT table, bad things often happen - prices increase, support levels deteriorate and innovation stagnates.

EnterpriseDB's database compatibility technology, available in Postgres Plus Advanced Server, breaks vendor lock-in and levels the playing field for IT organizations. Leading organizations such as Sony Online Entertainment, NTT, and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration have deployed Oracle-compatible applications using Postgres Plus. And now EnterpriseDB's database compatibility technology is available in IBM's DB2 database as well.

Postgres Plus Advanced Server

EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server delivers a comprehensive database compatibility solution for Oracle. Organizations use Advanced Server to safely, quickly and cost-effectively:

  • Build, deploy and manage new applications and databases at a fraction of the cost of Oracle, while leveraging all of their existing Oracle skills.
  • Replicate data from production Oracle databases to Postgres Plus to support reporting and business intelligence applications.
  • Migrate existing applications from Oracle to Postgres Plus.

PostgreSQL Foundation

The foundation of Postgres Plus Advanced Server is PostgreSQL, the world's most advanced open source database. Hardened by more than 20 years of use in large-scale production systems and supported by a proven open source development community, PostgreSQL is renowned for its high performance transaction processing capabilities. In recent years, the addition of optimized indexing and searching algorithms has made PostgreSQL an equally effective solution for query-intensive and mixed-load applications. At its core, PostgreSQL supports all of the enterprise-class capabilities found in commercial DBMS products, making it the ideal foundation for Postgres Plus Advanced Server's database compatibility solutions.

Deep Database Compatibility

Postgres Plus Advanced Server implements a comprehensive suite of  database compatible functionality for Oracle within and around the core PostgreSQL engine, including:

  • Simple and complex data structures
  • Oracle SQL syntax and semantics
  • Functions
  • PL/SQL (extensive support)
  • Popular Oracle database utilities and interfaces
  • Bi-directional database replication services


What Should I Do Now?

Depending on your business needs and timing considerations, we recommend the following next steps:

Contact us directly to schedule a free telephone consultation with our database compatibility team. Our compatibility experts can quickly help you to determine the quickest, safest path to meaningful cost savings. If appropriate, we can also schedule a migration feasibility assessment of your Oracle databases.

Register for an Oracle Migration webcast. In 40 power-packed minutes, learn how you can migrate existing Oracle database applications to Postgres Plus Advanced Server. This is the fastest way to get a technical understanding of EnterpriseDB's database compatibility solutions.

Download and evaluate Postgres Plus Advanced Server. By evaluating our software, your technologists can quickly determine the depth of our database compatibility and the completeness of our Postgres database foundation.