Itanium Blues Got You Down?

Wondering if it’s time to move from Oracle? Maybe you’ve got a number of new development projects in the works and are looking for a robust database alternative. Or perhaps you want to migrate some existing applications, but don’t want to sacrifice the features you get with Oracle or retrain your existing database staff to use another RDBMS.

Talk to us; we can help.

We’re the industry leader in Oracle compatibility. Our Postgres Plus database solutions provide a proven, scalable, and easy to use alternative to Oracle, all at a cost that’s over 80% less than what you’ll pay the folks at Redwood Shores.

We make it easy to decide if our Postgres Plus Advanced Server is right for you. Just use the four-step process below that our 800+ satisfied customers have gone through to become successful with our database solutions.

No long drawn out process, no hidden fees, and no guesswork – just a proven method for understanding what EnterpriseDB is all about and how we can help you.

Get educated about Oracle alternative databases.

The first step is to educate yourself about the business and technical benefits of using EnterpriseDB solutions and the technology that powers our Oracle compatibility. It won’t take long to learn why making the move from Oracle to EnterpriseDB is a smart decision. To help you, EnterpriseDB supplies the following resources:

  • White Papers – you’ll find plenty of great reasons to make the move to EnterpriseDB in the many white papers available on the EnterpriseDB web site. Written by the experts at EnterpriseDB, each paper details the technical capabilities of Postgres Plus Advanced Server and its Oracle compatibility features, as well as the business reasons for why choosing EnterpriseDB solutions makes good sense.
  • Webinars – see EnterpriseDB solutions in action through on-demand webinars that show you why Postgres Plus Advanced Server is the leading technology where Oracle compatibility is concerned.
  • Training – there’s no faster way to get up to speed on our database solutions than through the professional training offered by EnterpriseDB. You can learn from the privacy of your own office or attend an in-person class offered in your area.
  • Case Studies – Read how our customers are realizing great cost savings over Oracle and using our database solutions to power their modern business applications.
  • Cost Comparisons – Use our TCO calculator to compute your own personal savings over using Oracle. We don’t have to wonder if we’ll save you money over Oracle – we already know we can! But find out for yourself how much you can save without sacrificing the database features you know and love in Oracle.

Postgres Plus Costs

Get educated about Oracle alternative databases.

Once you’ve educated yourself on the benefits that come from using EnterpriseDB solutions and our Oracle compatibility technology, the second step is to evaluate Postgres Plus Advanced Server and see how well it works for you. The easiest ways to do this are:

  • Download Postgres Plus Advanced Serverdownloading and installing Postgres Plus Advanced Server takes only 10-15 minutes. You’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Run an Oracle Migration Assessment – with EnterpriseDB, there’s no guesswork involved whatsoever in determining whether you can migrate an existing Oracle application to Postgres Plus Advanced Server. With our Oracle Migration Assessment, we can tell you immediately how much work it will take. And keep in mind, many of our customers don’t have to do any work at all!
  • Talk to our Expert Consultants – Our Oracle experts have helped many customers with both simple and complex Oracle situations. We know they can help you too.

Get educated about Oracle alternative databases.

After you’ve successfully completed your evaluation, you can then decide how you want to get started with Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Our customers typically begin deploying our Oracle compatible database solutions in one of four ways:

  • New Application Projects – Postgres Plus Advanced Server is an ideal choice for new data-driven applications that require a proven and high-performance database.
  • Business Intelligence/Reporting Systems – with our Oracle to Postgres Plus database replication solution, we can replicate data straight from a running Oracle database into Postgres Plus Advanced Server. This makes it easy to offload transactional information from Oracle into a much more cost-effective reporting/BI database.
  • Existing, Non-Mission Critical Applications – switching out Oracle for Postgres Plus Advanced Server in non-mission critical systems is a great way to get started with Postgres Plus Advanced Server and gain experience for doing larger, mission-critical deployments.
  • Existing, Mission-Critical Applications – many EnterpriseDB customers have switched from Oracle to Postgres Plus Advanced Server in their mission critical systems and are enjoying the cost benefits that come from making the move. Why not join them?

Our graphical Oracle migration toolkit makes it easy to transfer your Oracle database to Postgres Plus Advanced Server. You simply select the Oracle database and schemas you want to move, and our migration toolkit converts everything over for you.

Get educated about Oracle alternative databases.

The last step is simply to replicate step three for additional new applications you want to develop and other existing Oracle databases you want to move to Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

So there you have it! The steps to practically making the move from Oracle to Postgres Plus Advanced Server are easy and simple to follow: Educate, Evaluate, Migrate, and Replicate.

For more information, contact an EnterpriseDB account manager today or download Postgres Plus Advanced Server and get started now on your evaluation of our Oracle compatible database solutions.

"Controlling costs and maintaining the ability to leverage our previous technology investments were critical factors in the selection of EDB Postgres Advanced Server over Oracle."

Justin Codd
Senior DBA

Sony Saves Money and Time with Postgres Plus

"Eighty percent of our applications don't have to be rewritten to work on EDB."

David Manifold
Director Database Services
Sony Online Entertainment