Postgres Plus Database Replication Solutions

Postgres Plus replication boosts performance, saves money, and much more.

Postgres Plus replication adds robustness to your database infrastructure with improved price/performance, flexible multi-use configurations, and easy to use GUI Console or CLI tools. Use asynchronous near real-time replication to synch your data between Postgres Plus Servers or between Postgres Plus and Oracle® servers without degrading the performance of your production systems.

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How can Postgres Plus Replication Help You?

  • Improve OLTP & Reporting Performance:  Replicate key data from your main OLTP server to a low cost Postgres Plus reporting server improving performance for both your transaction times and reporting times!
  • Standby Database Protection:  A single master to one or multiple cascaded slaves allows you to deploy standby databases locally and remotely for disaster recovery configurations.
  • High Availability of Your Data:  Maintain near synchronous backups of your database for failover switching when downtime threatens access to critical information.
  • Run Systems in Parallel:  Replicating data also allows you to migrate data to a new system, or perform testing and proof of concepts of systems with real data.

Powerful Replication Features

  • Replicate Oracle data to Postgres Plus
  • Distributed multi-Publication / Subscription Architecture
  • Synchronize data across geographies
  • Replicate one or more tables and or sequences
  • Controlled switchover and failover
  • Supports cascading replication
  • Trigger based transactional replication
  • Snapshot and continuous modes
  • Define and apply row filters
  • Flexible replication scheduler
  • Replication History Viewer
  • Graphical Replication Console and CLI

Reduce your database license costs with an Oracle compatible replication server to remove reporting loads from your production transaction database.

Additional Replication Assets

  • Slony Replication Training: EnterpriseDB offers a half day live training on Slony concepts, installation, configuration, and execution. Check out the Slony Training details here!
  • Replication Consulting Services: These well defined service offering helps you plan, configure, and setup your replication system for a variety of purposes. It also includes effective knowledge transfer to your staff to maintain and satisfy your replication needs. Tell me more about your consulting services.
  • The Magic of Streaming Replication and Hot Standby: Spend some time with Bruce Momjian as he discusses a key new feature in this webcast on Streaming Replication in Postgres.

BioClinica Succeeds with Replication

"EnterpriseDB became part of the Bio-Imaging design team and helped us to make valuable improvements to our replication design."

Emmanuel Olart,
Manager, Technical Services 
BioClinica (formerly Bio-Imaging Technologies, Inc.)

xDB Replication - Multi Master

• Improve High Availability for Writes
• Deploy masters across geographies
• Continuously synchronize data
• Automatic Conflict Detection
• Conflict resolution strategies
• Replicate one or more tables
• Automatic schema replication
• Table DDL replication
• Graphical Console and CLI
• Easy Installation
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xDB Single-Master Replication

• Improve Read Performance
• Improve Read Scalability
• Improve master performance
• Replicate to/from Oracle®
• Replicate to/from SQL Server®
• Replicate filtered records
• Easy to use GUI console
• Supports cascading configurations
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