Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.2

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The Postgres Plus Advanced Server DBA course is designed for DBAs who are looking for in-depth knowledge of the internals of Advanced Server and its major features. This course will enhance your skills required to Install, Configure, Manage and Maintain Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

The course will highlight how you can best leverage Advanced Server's unique performance, reliability, scalability and management features in your enterprise. Some specific topics covered will include Query Optimization Hints. In addition, Oracle compatibility and Migration Toolkit will also be covered along with how to most effectively use them in your enterprise to reduce risk and contain costs. Finally, the course will cover setting up SQL/Protect - the latest in security for Postgres databases!

Note: This course is based upon the Introduction to PostgreSQL Administration class with substituted and additional modules tailored to features of Advanced Server not available in PostgreSQL.

Topics Covered:

  • Postgres Plus Advanced Server System Architecture
  • Installation
  • Creating & Managing Advanced Server Databases
  • Configuration
  • User Tools for Management
  • Security
  • Migration Toolkit
  • Moving Data with PostgresPlus Advanced Server
  • Backup & Recovery
  • PgAgent with PostgresPlus Advanced Server
  • Routine Database Maintenance Tasks
  • Performance Tuning

Duration:  Approx. 14 hours

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Dec 29 - Dec 31, 2014
On-demand course
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