How EnterpriseDB Works for You

IT Managers

With EnterpriseDB, you can dramatically reduce your database license and maintenance costs that you pay for proprietary software - many times up to 80% or more. You can also proceed with confidence knowing that PostgreSQL is deployed and running the critical systems at over 8 million installations worldwide.

Database Administrators

With EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus database solutions, you’ll enjoy a no-compromise and mature enterprise-class database that is battle-tested, capable of delivering very fast response times, and is ranked #1 in the industry when it comes to supplying Oracle compatibility.


With PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB, you can have the best of both worlds: a feature-rich database and development environment that simplifies your life, all at a cost that fits into most any budget.

Enterprise Architects

With Postgres Plus solutions from EnterpriseDB, you will have the confidence that your database will have the scalability, performance and high availability needed for your critical systems.