IT Managers

As someone who oversees and directs the management of IT development and computer system infrastructure projects, it’s your responsibility to carefully choose the software that runs your database systems. And, though sometimes it seems impossible to walk the tightrope of balancing a budget that isn’t growing and getting the database software you need, there is a way to get it done. 

With EnterpriseDB, you can dramatically reduce the database license and maintenance costs that you pay for proprietary software - many times 80% or more. You can also proceed with confidence knowing that PostgreSQL is deployed and running the critical systems at over 8 million installations worldwide.
With a battle-tested, modern, and mature RDBMS, you won’t waste time or money dealing with unproven software or a compromised feature set that lengthens project schedules. Instead, you’ll be able to quickly develop and deploy database-driven systems that are highly available, extremely secure, and able to easily handle terabyte-sized workloads. Plus, you’ll be able to obtain Oracle-class compatibility without the high Oracle price tags.
And with EnterpriseDB, you’ll enjoy professional production support delivered by the experts who know PostgreSQL best. Around-the-clock support, training, professional services, expert consulting, and much more are available to ensure your success.
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Tomax Knows Open Source Databases Deliver

"EnterpriseDB allows us to bring the benefits of open source to all our customers, large and small, without sacrificing the quality or performance of our retail management solution."

Eric Olafson