Lower your total cost of ownership

IT managers are faced with a daunting dilemma. At a time when information demands are exploding, budgets are under intense scrutiny. By adopting open source solutions supported by commercial entities, organizations can mitigate the negative affects of a budget crunch and still meet the demands of their organization. 
Our goal is to ensure that you reap the benefits of:
  • Lower software costs – with no licensing fees, our subscription plans ensure that budgets are spent on driving the successful development and deployment of your projects.
  • Lower hardware costs – in general, open source solutions like Linux and PostgreSQL are elegantly compact and portable, which requires less hardware power to accomplish the same tasks as on conventional servers.
  • Quality Software “that just works” – that’s a common phrase mentioned at PostgreSQL community events. Because, well, it does - so you won't waste any time or money trying to resolve unnecessary crashes.
  • Compatibility – as the only true Oracle compatibility company, we can deliver similar functionality at a dramatically more cost effective price point.
All of these factors lead to one conclusion: EnterpriseDB provides a significantly lower total cost of ownership over the life of your database.
Check out our TCO Calculator if you need more proof!

Containing Oracle Costs


Yes, it is possible with EnterpriseDB.
We have the products.
We have the strategies.
We have the expertise.