By offering a tested and proven database with the enterprise capabilities necessary to manage multi-model data (transactional, NoSQL and analytic), connect with existing systems and deploy rapidly across multiple environments, the EDB Postgres platform provides everything you need to succeed in the world of digital business. For enterprises of all sizes, EDB Postgres is the most complete open source-based data platform for digital business.

From application development to existing app modernization and movement to the cloud, to migrations away from costly legacy DBMS platforms that strangle an organization’s ability to innovate, enterprise and government are moving to Postgres faster than ever before.

With over 3,600 global customers and more than 6 years of revenue growth, EDB has been recognized as a leader in Gartner’s respected Magic Quadrant for operational relational database management systems alongside the well known legacy vendors of old.

With the enhanced capabilities of PostgreSQL already part of the EDB Postgres platform, EDB customers enjoy the highest levels of performance, scalability, manageability, security, and compatibility available to Postgres customers today.

Our solutions capabilities for structured and unstructured data give our customers the ability to deploy EDB Postgres across the widest set of enterprise applications, and dramatically reduce complexity while preserving overall data control and security.

We uniquely combine SQL standards-based Postgres with EDB Postgres data connectors and Oracle compatibility. This allows our customers to enjoy extraordinary leverage over investments in existing infrastructure and staffing, thereby driving down the costs of IT.

Our hybrid cloud management solution enables IT to run its own DBaaS for on-premises or public cloud deployment. This increases speed of deployment and puts more control over cloud in the hands of IT and operations.

Consider all the ways EDB contributes to the PostgreSQL project and the open source community as a whole:

We have developed major PostgreSQL product features including:

  • Parallel query (PostgreSQL 9.6)
  • Allowing old MVCC snapshots to be invalidated after a configurable timeout (PostgreSQL 9.6)
  • synchronous_commit=remote_apply, allowing reliable read-scaling clusters (PostgreSQL 9.6)
  • Lock improvements to increase scalability on multi-CPU machines (PostgreSQL 9.5, 9.4, 9.2)
  • ALTER SYSTEM (PostgreSQL 9.4)
  • Background worker processes that are dynamically started and terminated (PostgreSQL 9.4)
  • Materialized views (PostgreSQL 9.3, 9.4)
  • Greatly reduced System V shared memory requirements (PostgreSQL 9.3)
  • Index-only scans (PostgreSQL 9.2)
  • Original version of the JSON data type (PostgreSQL 9.2)
  • Unlogged tables (PostgreSQL 9.1)
  • Automatic sizing of the free space map (PostgreSQL 8.4)
  • Visibility map (PostgreSQL 8.4)
  • Heap Only Tuples (HOT) to accelerate space reuse and reduce MVCC overhead (PostgreSQL 8.3)

We contribute code to PostgreSQL community ecosystem projects, such as:

  • hdfs_fdw - a Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper for the Hadoop Distributed File System.
  • mongo_fdw - a Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper for BSON data.
  • mysql_fdw - a Postgres Foreign Data Wrapper for MySQL.
  • pg_catcheck - a simple tool for diagnosing system catalog corruption.
  • pg_hibernator - a set-it-and-forget-it solution to save and restore the Postgres shared-buffers contents, across Postgres server restarts eliminating slow performance due to cache warmup cycles.
  • pg_nosql_benchmark - a tool for benchmarking Postgres (JSONB) and MongoDB (BSON).
  • pgAdmin - the leading Postgres development environment
  • pgPool - a connection pooling and query routing tol
  • Postgres-XC - a horizontal scaling fork of Postgres, whose major innovations are now being merged back into core Postgres

We engage with end users and encourage greater community interactions:

  • Sponsor PostgreSQL events, including PostgreSQL EU, PG Conf US, PG Con Ottawa, PG Conf Silicon Valley.
  • Employ key community members – thought leaders and drivers of the Postgres community
  • Host PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus forums
  • Answer users’ questions and those from people developing new features on community mailing lists

We develop educational and promotional materials to support end users and promote PostgreSQL across the industry:

  • Creating and publishing free instructional webinars (e.g. Tuning, Administration, Replication and more)
  • Promoting press relations on behalf of PostgreSQL
  • Creating and hosting community surveys

We created and maintain installers to speed and ease the deployment of PostgreSQL:

  • Creating and hosting freely available GUI binary installers for PostgreSQL
  • Maintain freely available RPM installers for PostgreSQL

We support the PostgreSQL community’s ongoing needs for running an open source project:

  • Hosting portions of the community's online infrastructure
  • Testing of new features during the development process
  • Working with hardware vendors to ensure PostgreSQL performs and scales well on their platforms
  • Encouraging the growth of the PostgreSQL ecosystem with partnerships