Press Release

Sep 6, 2017

Freund’s arrival at EDB strengthens the company’s corps of developers that already include some of the most dedicated and influential members of the Postgres Community. “Andres is one of the leading contributors in the Postgres community and his work has been influential to advancing the replication

Sep 6, 2017

The event opens today at the Parc 55 San Francisco hotel in San Francisco and runs through September 8, 2017. Bruce Momjian, Co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group and Core Team Member, and Andres Freund, a Major Contributor and Committer for the Postgres project, will deliver their

Aug 2, 2017

“Data professionals undergo rigorous training on database administration and best practices to achieve a Postgres certification from EDB, which is recognized throughout the industry,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development and Services. “Having a digital badge gives

Jul 26, 2017

“Today’s administrators require greater flexibility in monitoring, managing, and optimizing database performance across a wider spectrum of global installations in their organizations,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development and Services, EDB. “EDB Postgres Enterprise

Jun 27, 2017

“Most of the world’s leading brands are deploying Postgres to support new digital applications due to its multi-model utility and open source appeal,” said Ed Boyajian, President and CEO, EnterpriseDB. “As the leading developer of Postgres technology for the enterprise, EnterpriseDB has a deep

Jun 27, 2017

“Professional training can make a difference in a DBA’s ability to maximize performance, scalability, and operational efficiency of Postgres workloads as well as leverage new data integration configurations and agile frameworks,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development

Jun 6, 2017

Comella-Dorda works with organizations to define, develop, and implement digital solutions that achieve cost efficiencies, productivity gains, improved project management, and more effective enterprise architectures. In his past 10 years at McKinsey & Company, Santiago has specialized in helping

May 17, 2017

“Organizations turn to Hitachi for help in modernizing their infrastructures because of the company’s expertise in building solutions with the latest technology. And today, latest technology means a multi-model database like EDB Postgres, supporting structured and unstructured data, in a high

May 16, 2017

The Lightning Talks will illustrate Postgres capabilities and application scenarios, and demonstrate novel ways developers use Postgres to move data across enterprise networks. Most importantly, the Lightning Talks will give individuals with unique and innovative ideas an opportunity to showcase

May 10, 2017

“We achieved our goal of greater resiliency by combining EDB Postgres and the EDB Postgres Replication Server for strategic replication,” said Sibin Paul, Principal Engineer, Costain. “This configuration reduced the transition time from the primary system to the standby tunnel camera system from two

May 3, 2017

Red Hat designated EDB as a member of the OpenShift Primed program to acknowledge EDB’s development of a containerized EDB Postgres Platform. EDB Postgres Advanced Server (database) and EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery can be easily provisioned and managed through Red Hat OpenShift Container

Apr 18, 2017

Hilary is an entrepreneur, technology adviser, startup counselor, and philanthropist whose endeavors have brought her recognition in the form of a coveted TechFellows Engineering Leadership award. She has also been named to the Forbes 40 Under 40 to Watch; the Crain’s New York 40 under 40; and the

Apr 12, 2017

The EnterpriseDB Summit 2017 aims to help Enterprise IT groups learn the capabilities of new technology platforms, and create a roadmap for them to implement and leverage these new technologies in the right places. Applications are becoming more complex to meet demands of digital business, and

Apr 3, 2017

“With EDB Postgres Ark, AWS users now have greater flexibility and control to deploy the EDB Postgres database platform into hybrid environments,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Development. “EDB Postgres Ark simplifies the process of provisioning robust Postgres

Mar 31, 2017

Hensarling will deliver his presentation, titled Leveraging Open Data Management Solutions in Oracle Shops, on Tuesday, April 4, at 11 am at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. As Senior Vice President, Hensarling contributes to EnterpriseDB’s corporate vision and technology roadmap

Mar 29, 2017

Wednesday, March 29, at 3:50 pm Bruce Momjian, Co-founder and Core Team member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, Committer for the open source project, and Senior Database Architect at EnterpriseDB, will present a talk titled MVCC Unmasked. In this advanced talk, Momjian will examine how