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Postgres, Passwords and Installers

By Dave Page
By far the most common issues we see reported with the "one-click" PostgreSQL installers that we build here at EnterpriseDB are password related. In this post I'll explain what the passwords are, why we need them, and how to reset them. Superuser Password

Scala PostgreSQL Access

By enterprisedb enterprisedb
Recently, I've been digging into Scala to understand how PostgreSQL would integrate inside of Scala code. Scala is an interesting language which runs on the JVM like Java but eliminates much of the Java boiler plate code increasing the productivity of developers. With many of the knowledgeable Java...

Comparing VoltDB to Postgres,Postgres Plus Advanced Server

By Dave Page
I've been asked a few times recently for my opinion on VoltDB , the new database server architected by the 'father' of Postgres, Dr Michael Stonebraker so rather than repeating myself over and over again it seems like a good idea to write it all down.

Postgres vs. SQL Server

By Dave Page
A colleague of mine (thanks Jimbo!) pointed me towards a benchmark comparison of Postgres 8.3.8 on RHEL 5.4 versus SQL Server 2008 R2 on Windows Server 2008 R2, performed and written up by Red Hat. I hadn't seen it before, so figured that maybe others hadn't either:

Quick and Powerful Database with and Postgres

By enterprisedb enterprisedb
Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 3 years, you've heard of Like most people, I've used the software a few times to edit some documents and haven't really given much thought to it. During one of my last plane trips, I decided that the small database I keep (in...