Postgres tips and tricks for developers.

Building JSON Documents from Relational Tables
March 15, 2016
Adoption of document databases is growing rapidly in response to the need for solutions that can handle large volumes of data. These solutions are...Read more
4 Steps to Using UUIDs with JPA in PostgreSQL
February 09, 2016
*/ Postgres supports a variety of data types that allow data architects to store their data consistently, enforce constraints through validation,...Read more
Improve database resiliency with new JDBC Connectors and EDB Failover Manager
November 18, 2015
This blog was co-written by Jason Davis. EnterpriseDB is about to release an update to the Connectors for Postgres and EDB Postgres. The update will...Read more
Using Java to Manipulate SQL Structures and Arrays
November 06, 2015
*/ The only data structure recognized in traditional SQL databases was the row, and repeating groups were extracted into child rows linked through...Read more
Postgres + JSON = NoSQL Functionality
September 10, 2015
It doesn’t take a specialized solution to create an unstructured database to support workloads for emerging mobile, social and machine data...Read more
Presenting JSONB data as a traditional relation for Hibernate and JPAs
July 27, 2015
NOTE: This post uses a subset of ~10,000 JSON song files from the Million Song Database (MSD) project. Beware, this is a fun and addictive dataset to...Read more
PGCon 2015 – Shared Memory, Parallelism and JSON at the Forefront
June 15, 2015
Industry conferences and events are a great opportunity for professionals, analysts, users and developers to network and engage, and PGCon is no...Read more
Postgres Developers: Replace Best Guesses with Best Practices
January 16, 2015
EnterpriseDB has recently experienced a surge in demand for Postgres training, with a 26% increase in participants over the last year alone. This...Read more
Write Operation: MongoDB Vs PostgreSQL 9.3 (JSON)
May 15, 2014
PostgreSQL 9.3 has lot of new improvement like the addition of new operators for JSON data type in postgreSQL, that prompted me to explore its...Read more