Open Source Databases

Open source databases are based in code that is open source and developed by a community of developers.

Is MongoDB Still Open Source?
December 14, 2018
In my role at EDB , I lead the effort to package our software on Debian and am also the maintainer of the PostgreSQL YUM and ZYPP repositories, so I...Read more
451 Research: EnterpriseDB sees PostgreSQL Everywhere, Especially in the Cloud
December 05, 2018
Industry analyst firm, 451 Research, just recently issued a report providing an overview of EnterpriseDB, its history and recent product news...Read more
Postgres in the Enterprise: Real World Reasons for Adoption
November 30, 2018
My friend and colleague Bruce Momjian recently shared in his presentation “Will Postgres Live Forever?” an overview of reasons why companies adopt...Read more
The Power of SQL: Even the NoSQL Guys Seem to Be Coming Around
November 21, 2018
SQL will be turning 50 by the end of the decade. For a technology that’s still widely in use today, that’s quite the achievement — but it’s no...Read more
On-Prem, Open-Source Based Database in a Pay-Per-Use Package
October 05, 2018
We most likely will not be upending anyone’s world-view if we make the claim that database spend is a big slice of IT’s overall costs, and one that...Read more
Can MongoDB make a decision?
Is ACID a Priority or Not? Can MongoDB Decide?
August 20, 2018
If I’m honest, I think of MongoDB as more of a “data store” than an actual database. This may be a controversial opinion these days, but I don’t...Read more
Do You Have the Essential Skills to Be a Successful PostgreSQL DBA?
May 04, 2018
Open source databases are becoming an increasingly preferred option for organizations seeking high performance, lower cost alternatives to legacy...Read more
Creating a Data Redaction Capability to Meet GDPR Requirements Using EDB Postgres
March 06, 2018
*/ The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) goes into effect on May 25, 2018 throughout the European Union. The regulation focuses on the secure...Read more
Untangling Years of Layered Legacy Systems
February 16, 2018
Financial Services Institutions Look to Open Source Today’s financial services institutions must innovate and evolve their technology to remain...Read more
What Gartner’s ‘State of the Market’ Report Says About the Importance of Flexibility in Data Management
January 25, 2018
Technology managers are rapidly modernizing their data infrastructures to achieve greater flexibility in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. They...Read more