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November 16, 2016

The convergence of new digital business initiatives, the rapid expansion of mature open source data technologies, the fast-growing list of open source success stories and ROI, and the maturity of companies that deliver these open source technologies have brought open source to the forefront in succeeding with digital business. As the data center has become critical to achieving enterprise-level strategic objectives, it also has become the focal point for optimizing the mix between open source and commercial technologies. In order to reduce costs and increase flexibility and control to help drive new digital initiatives, organizations must replace legacy vendors wherever possible with open source database management systems (OSDBMSs), consolidate DBMS resources, and migrate to the cloud.

Gartner examines emerging technology trends around maturing open source DBMSs, cloud deployment options, and consolidation trends and presents opportunities for IT to optimize costs and accelerate digital business initiatives. According to Gartner, “Cost optimization in the age of digital business means that organizations must use a mix of IT and business cost optimization for increased business performance, while preparing for their digital business futures.” Open-source DBMSs plan a central role in helping enterprises achieve the transformation into a digital business. When combined with cloud deployment options, open-source DBMSs reign supreme for business and IT flexibility and speed to solution.

For Chief Data Officers and Chief Technology Officers, Gartner recommends the following in the report:

  • “Use the consolidation of your current DBMS instances to reduce license costs (minimal resources and less risk) if you have the ability to retire DBMS licenses and virtualization works in your favor.
  • Add open-source RDBMSs to your organization's DBMS standards for new uses, and to replace commercial RDBMSs where these are not specifically required.
  • Begin your transition to the cloud with low-risk use cases such as development and test environments, nonsensitive data, data already residing in the cloud, mobile applications, new initiatives, and technology exploration.”

In partnership with Gartner, we put together a newsletter that features Gartner’s report, “Emerging Technology Trends Create Opportunities for DBMS Cost Optimization,” along with some useful information around open source adoption, taking control of your Oracle deployments, customer success, and the EDB Postgres Platform. 

Pierre Fricke is Vice President, Product Marketing of EnterpriseDB. 

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Pierre Fricke has a long history in open source software. Fricke spent 10 years as director of product marketing for JBoss Middleware. He had joined JBoss Inc. just over a year before its acquisition by Red Hat in 2006 and stayed on until he joined EDB. He first became involved in open source...