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PostgreSQL 9.1, meet MySQL

So having spent the last few months with my head buried deep in a project at work, I finally managed to get back to my previous hacking on SQL/MED at the weekend after the kids went away for a week (good $DEITY it's quiet here)! Within a couple of hours, I had my half-baked Foreign Data Wrapper for...

Is this the Beginning of the End of Skype on PostgreSQL?

True statement - Microsoft is now one of PostgreSQL’s largest users. Last week it was announced that Microsoft is buying Skype for a reported $8.5 billion in cash. What was not reported in this recent acquisition news cycle is an interesting fact -- Skype runs on the open source database PostgreSQL...

Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0 Sneak Peek – SQL Server Replication

This post is the third in a series that takes a look at some of the exciting new features of Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0, which is currently in beta. Before I came to EnterpriseDB, I was the director of product management for MySQL. During my five or so years at MySQL, I saw a lot of interest...

Oracle is abandoning HP-UX customers…Fight back!

Last week, Oracle’s announced its decision to discontinue all software development on the Intel Itanium microprocessor . Apparently, Oracle contends that its decision was predicated on Intel’s “faltering commitment” to Itanium. The reporter surmises that Oracle wants HP's enterprise server money,...

Troubleshooting Stuck VACUUMs

Over the years, I've occasionally encountered situations where VACUUM fails to make progress, and not fully understood why that was happening. Recently, I've come to a better understanding of how lock conflicts can result in VACUUM stalling out either at the beginning of the table, or part-way...

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL, Part 2: VACUUM vs. Purge

Almost two months ago, I wrote part one of what I indicated would be an occasional series of blog posts comparing the architecture of PostgreSQL to that of MySQL . Here's part two. Please note that the caveats set forth in part one apply to this and all future installments as well, so if you haven'...

Locking in PostgreSQL

Have you ever had one of those annoying problems where a query, or some kind of maintenance task such as vacuum, seems to hang, without making any discernable foreign progress, basically forever? If it's a foreground task, you typically think to yourself "oh, that's taking longer than normal" - but...

PostgreSQL Performance vs. Microsoft SQL Server

A recent poster to the pgsql-performance mailing list enquired as to the relative performance of Microsoft SQL Server vs. PostgreSQL. It's a reasonable question. Switching databases can be a major project, and you certainly wouldn't want to do it and then find out at the end that you'd taken a huge...

Will the Cloud obsolete the DBA?

I've had the privilege of being a database administrator for a long time, and have gotten the opportunity to work with many different databases on lots of different platforms. And throughout my long career (man, I feel old saying that...) and the various tech shifts (mainframe, client/server, web,...

Database Reliability

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 The database is usually a critical piece of infrastructure in an organization; when the database is down, many things stop working, so database reliability is often a serious concern. While the reliability of database software is important, for Postgres it is often the...

Multi-Tenancy and Virtualization

In a recent blog post on Gigaom , Simeon Simeonov argues that virtualization is on the way out, and discusses VMware 's move toward platform-as-a-service computing. In a nutshell, his argument is that virtualization is inefficient, and is essentially a last resort when legacy applications can't...

Postgres, Passwords and Installers

By far the most common issues we see reported with the "one-click" PostgreSQL installers that we build here at EnterpriseDB are password related. In this post I'll explain what the passwords are, why we need them, and how to reset them. Superuser Password

Scala PostgreSQL Access

Recently, I've been digging into Scala to understand how PostgreSQL would integrate inside of Scala code. Scala is an interesting language which runs on the JVM like Java but eliminates much of the Java boiler plate code increasing the productivity of developers. With many of the knowledgeable Java...

Comparing VoltDB to Postgres,Postgres Plus Advanced Server

I've been asked a few times recently for my opinion on VoltDB , the new database server architected by the 'father' of Postgres, Dr Michael Stonebraker so rather than repeating myself over and over again it seems like a good idea to write it all down.

Postgres vs. SQL Server

A colleague of mine (thanks Jimbo!) pointed me towards a benchmark comparison of Postgres 8.3.8 on RHEL 5.4 versus SQL Server 2008 R2 on Windows Server 2008 R2, performed and written up by Red Hat. I hadn't seen it before, so figured that maybe others hadn't either:

Quick and Powerful Database with and Postgres

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 3 years, you've heard of Like most people, I've used the software a few times to edit some documents and haven't really given much thought to it. During one of my last plane trips, I decided that the small database I keep (in...