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Virtual Private Database (VPD) in PPAS 9.1

By Vibhor Kumar
Great News is Postgres Plus Advanced 9.1 is now available for users. So, I thought to write something about Virtual Private Database features, which is part of 9.1 Virtual Private Database (VPD) is a feature which enables Administrator to create security around actual data (i.e row/columns) so that...

Virtualizing Postgres

By Bruce Momjian
Postgres is an ideal database to run in a virtual environment or public/private cloud — one reason is that Postgres relies heavily on the operating system, rather than using features like raw devices. Second, its license is obviously very flexible for virtual deployments. I am often asked about...

Going after load spikes and performance lulls with Postgres Enterprise Manager

By enterprisedb enterprisedb
Bruce Momjian recently did a blog on Postgres Monitoring tools. I want to point out a unique and useful feature of Postgres Enterprise Manager from EnterpriseDB. I frequently hear from prospects that they would like us to help them debug periodic performance drop-off their PostgreSQL server is...

What Is a GUC Variable?

By Bruce Momjian
Thursday, December 1, 2011 You might have heard the term "GUC" before, especially on the Postgres email lists. It is documented as an acronym meaning "Grand Unified Configuration", but the section it references doesn't mention the term "GUC" at all. Pretty obscure, huh? Our Grand Unified...

StackBuilder Package Updates

By Dave Page
If you've ever used one of the PostgreSQL installers for v8.2 or above, either the old Windows MSI installer or the newer "one click" installers that also support Linux and Mac, you'll probably have come across StackBuilder. For those that haven't or those that never found the time, StackBuilder...

Postgres Enterprise Manager; I love it when a plan comes together

By Dave Page
After 9 months of heads-down work, I'm glad to finally be able to talk about the project I and a number of colleagues here at EnterpriseDB have been working on... Introducing Postgres Enterprise Manager ! Postgres Enterprise Manager, or PEM as we tend to call it, is based on the Open Source pgAdmin...

PostgreSQL 9.1, meet MySQL

By Dave Page
So having spent the last few months with my head buried deep in a project at work, I finally managed to get back to my previous hacking on SQL/MED at the weekend after the kids went away for a week (good $DEITY it's quiet here)! Within a couple of hours, I had my half-baked Foreign Data Wrapper for...

Is this the Beginning of the End of Skype on PostgreSQL?

By Ed Boyajian
True statement - Microsoft is now one of PostgreSQL’s largest users. Last week it was announced that Microsoft is buying Skype for a reported $8.5 billion in cash. What was not reported in this recent acquisition news cycle is an interesting fact -- Skype runs on the open source database PostgreSQL...

Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0 Sneak Peek – SQL Server Replication

By enterprisedb enterprisedb
This post is the third in a series that takes a look at some of the exciting new features of Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.0, which is currently in beta. Before I came to EnterpriseDB, I was the director of product management for MySQL. During my five or so years at MySQL, I saw a lot of interest...

Oracle is abandoning HP-UX customers…Fight back!

By Ed Boyajian
Last week, Oracle’s announced its decision to discontinue all software development on the Intel Itanium microprocessor . Apparently, Oracle contends that its decision was predicated on Intel’s “faltering commitment” to Itanium. The reporter surmises that Oracle wants HP's enterprise server money,...

Troubleshooting Stuck VACUUMs

By Robert Haas
Over the years, I've occasionally encountered situations where VACUUM fails to make progress, and not fully understood why that was happening. Recently, I've come to a better understanding of how lock conflicts can result in VACUUM stalling out either at the beginning of the table, or part-way...

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL, Part 2: VACUUM vs. Purge

By Robert Haas
Almost two months ago, I wrote part one of what I indicated would be an occasional series of blog posts comparing the architecture of PostgreSQL to that of MySQL . Here's part two. Please note that the caveats set forth in part one apply to this and all future installments as well, so if you haven'...

Locking in PostgreSQL

By Robert Haas
Have you ever had one of those annoying problems where a query, or some kind of maintenance task such as vacuum, seems to hang, without making any discernable foreign progress, basically forever? If it's a foreground task, you typically think to yourself "oh, that's taking longer than normal" - but...

PostgreSQL Performance vs. Microsoft SQL Server

By Robert Haas
A recent poster to the pgsql-performance mailing list enquired as to the relative performance of Microsoft SQL Server vs. PostgreSQL. It's a reasonable question. Switching databases can be a major project, and you certainly wouldn't want to do it and then find out at the end that you'd taken a huge...

Will the Cloud obsolete the DBA?

By enterprisedb enterprisedb
I've had the privilege of being a database administrator for a long time, and have gotten the opportunity to work with many different databases on lots of different platforms. And throughout my long career (man, I feel old saying that...) and the various tech shifts (mainframe, client/server, web,...

Database Reliability

By Bruce Momjian
Wednesday, August 4, 2010 The database is usually a critical piece of infrastructure in an organization; when the database is down, many things stop working, so database reliability is often a serious concern. While the reliability of database software is important, for Postgres it is often the...