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Load Balancer
Load Balancer Script Hooks in EDB Failover Manager 3.2
Aug 28, 2018

EDB Postgres Failover Manager (EFM) supports multiple ways to connect applications with the new master database after a failover or promotion. In many...

Running EDB Postgres Failover Manager Without Sudo
Apr 24, 2018

In the default mode of operation, EDB Postgres Failover Manager (EFM) agents run as the ‘efm’ operating system user. The agent uses sudo to perform...

Videos: Learn to Install and Start EDB Postgres Failover Manager
Feb 3, 2017

A cornerstone for ensuring ongoing data access during scheduled downtime or unexpected failures is a high availability design. The EDB Postgres™...

Easy Upgrade Tips for the New EDB Failover Manager
Nov 16, 2016

High availability means keeping the enterprise’s critical data infrastructure running well with virtually no downtime, and ensuring the database...

Video: EFM 2.0 Installation and Startup
Sep 24, 2015

We've posted two new videos about installing EDB Failover Manager and starting a new EFM cluster. The first video shows the installation and setup of EFM.

Changes for EDB Failover Manager 2.0
Aug 26, 2015

EDB Failover Manager 2.0, released in June, included several changes from 1.X. The user's guide contains information on upgrading and a full...

Vaadin 7 Cookbook
May 21, 2013

I finally have a chance to look at Vaadin version 7 now, which is already up to v7.0.6 (nice work team!). There is a wealth of information from Vaadin...

Session Timeouts with Vaadin's Refresher Add-on
Jun 8, 2012

The Refresher add-on for Vaadin refreshes the UI without user input, allowing it to display information that has changed asynchronously on the server. It adds an invisible component to the client web page which polls the server for changes. A matching server-side handler is called when the server is polled.