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Data security shield
Thales Vormetric Transparent Encryption with EDB Postgres
Jan 16, 2020
Data privacy has senior management visibility as organizations are required to minimize the risk of sensitive data, such as customer payment...
Veritas NetBackup and EDB Postgres
Aug 28, 2019
Protecting data across your enterprise is a tough job. Data centers are complex environments and are constantly changing to support business demands...
EDB Postgres on Kubernetes Certified by Red Hat
Jul 19, 2019
We are beginning to see deployments of relational database management systems on Kubernetes accelerate. In fact, a recent survey from a Kubernetes...
The EDB Team Has Arrived at PGConf.EU 2018
Oct 24, 2018
PostgreSQL Europe kicked off its 10th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe (PGConf.EU 2018) this week in Lisbon, Portugal and I’m thrilled to be...

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