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Bruce Momjian

Cloud Vendor Monetization of Open Source

Why Cloud Vendors Love Open Source

Bruce Momjian Jul 7, 2020

Cloud vendors are barriers like department stores and supermarkets are barriers. But, people associate these entities with providing a huge variety of...

Tips for Postgres from a Postgres Insider

Bruce Momjian Aug 23, 2019

Postgres is an incredibly powerful database that’s packed with many different features. Some of its most interesting and productive capabilities...

Will You Still Be Happy with Your Oracle Database in Five Years Time?

Bruce Momjian Mar 8, 2019

Is the Oracle-DBA Relationship Breaking Down? The world of the Database Administrator (DBA) has changed since the technology went mainstream in the...

Moving Tablespaces in PostgreSQL

Bruce Momjian Oct 16, 2018

Tablespaces are designed to allow Postgres clusters to be spread across multiple storage devices. Create tablespace creates a symbolic link in the pg...

Client Row Access Control In PostgreSQL

Bruce Momjian Oct 8, 2018

Usually, the database administrator controls who can access database data. However, it is possible for clients to completely control who can access...

Security Cryptographically Authenticated Rows in PostgreSQL

Bruce Momjian Sep 18, 2018

When storing data in the database, there is an assumption that you have to trust the database administrator to not modify data in the database. While...

Summer School Tour Bus

The EDB Postgres Summer School Rolls On

Bruce Momjian Aug 22, 2018

I’ve come to the end of my time in Europe now and I thought I’d share some of the feedback I’ve received from EDB customers along the way. I’ve been...

EDB Postgres Summer School Tour

Bruce Momjian Jul 17, 2018

I have been in Europe now for more than two weeks meeting a number of our customers and PostgreSQL users at the EDB Postgres Summer School. So far I...

Intermediate Certificates

Bruce Momjian Apr 10, 2018

I previously mentioned the importance of high quality documentation, so we are always looking for improvements. This email thread from 2013 attempted...

Wal and Xlog

Bruce Momjian Apr 3, 2018

Postgres isn't the best at naming things. Of course, there is the old computer saying, "There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache...