KT Processes iPhone Orders Faster with EDB Postgres

KT Processes iPhone Orders Faster with EDB Postgres

Success Story

KT Corporation is South Korea’s largest telephone services and broadband provider and played a significant role in that nation’s rapid and widespread adoption of digital communication technologies. The company sells wired and wireless phone services, high-speed Internet services, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless broadband (WiBro) services. The company is also a significant provider of IT services, including consulting and systems integration, and enterprise services, such as data stored in a cloud system.

Like many telecommunications companies in the United States, KT handles device sales in connection with its wireless phone services. In anticipation of huge demand for new smartphones, KT began examining a system for handling pre-sales for the launch of new iPhone and Galaxy smartphone models that was expected to be a major event for the consumer smartphone industry. 

Massive Migration

After looking at Oracle®, SQL Server®, and MySQL, the developers at KT chose EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™). EDB integrates into PostgreSQL performance, security, and management enhancements and database compatibility for Oracle for its EDB Postgres Advanced Server. Choosing to deploy the new, mission-critical system using PostgreSQL, which is at the core of EDB Postgres Advanced Server, represented a critical step forward in the company’s plans to deploy open source software to replace its current database deployments. KT is an important supporter of Postgres as a replacement for costly, traditional databases, and is a longtime partner of EDB’s.

KT’s adoption of Postgres represents one of the largest migrations from proprietary databases onto such a new standard. The company was also aggressively shifting its hardware from RISC-based Unix to x86 Linux for its cloud infrastructure to take advantage of the flexibility, cost savings and performance of HP standards-based x86 hardware. The solution deployed to support the pre-order system combined open source infrastructure software and EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

“We have a rewarding partnership with EDB and are actively expanding our deployment of EDB Postgres Advanced Server throughout our company,” said Jungsook Jaegal, General Manager, IT Architecture team, IT Strategy and Planning Busing Unit at KT. “We were able to quickly roll out the new mobile phone order system using EDB Postgres Advanced Server, proving the value of EDB.”

High-Volume Winner

KT's systems received and successfully processed more than 30,000 orders in the first 60 seconds of opening for pre-sales of the iPhone 5. KT has identified several additional workloads to migrate onto EDB Postgres based on the performance and the cost savings of using EDB. KT's database expense for EDB Postgres Advanced Server was more than 90 percent less than other solutions.

“We have been deploying EDB Postgres to handle mission-critical and non-mission critical workloads,” said Jaegal. “But the success of handling the mission-critical order system convinced us that EDB Postgres from EDB has significant value in the enterprise.”