Use Case Details

Ericsson powers some of the world’s largest and most complex video platforms. A key part of the Ericsson TV & Media portfolio is the Content Management System (CMS), which is a comprehensive platform for the end-to-end management of content operations for the television industry. Facing increasing demands for volume and performance, Ericsson re-architected the system and, in the process, replaced its legacy database, a traditional vendor, with EDB Postgres. The new, modernized system increased Ericsson’s title ingestion rate from 5 to 11 titles per minute – an increase of 120% – and has better positioned Ericsson to meet future demands.

What We Did

EDB Postgres Advanced Server provided the necessary scalability, efficiency, and performance at a much lower cost than the database solution Ericsson had been using. To perform the migration, Ericsson used the EDB Postgres Migration Toolkit to migrate the application from the legacy solution to EDB Postgres Advanced Server. EDB’s database compatibility technology ensured that the migration ran much smoother and the company could continue to use existing legacy skills and tools. For high availability, Ericsson deployed EDB Postgres Failover Manager to create fault tolerant DBMS cluster to minimize downtime. Ericsson also deployed EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager for administration.


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