The Oracle compatibility paid for itself and was very successful. Oracle compatibility is hands down a great feature for making it easy to work with EDB Postgres. Terry Schmitt, Data Systems Engineer at Clear Capital
Use Case Details

Clear Capital supports mortgage lenders and services providers, investors, government-sponsored enterprises and ratings agencies with property risk assessments. One of its mission-critical products, the Home Data Index, used Oracle. The company faced rising licensing costs because the application was growing rapidly, and it anticipated future growth and wanted to control costs. Clear Capital migrated the application to EDB Postgres, taking advantage of EDB’s database compatibility for Oracle. The application also utilized geospatial technology and with EDB Postgres, Clear Capital was able to use PostGIS, a geospatial open source extension to Postgres.

What We Did

EDB assessed the Home Data Index application using the EDB Postgres Migration Assessment Toolkit to determine the level of migration difficulty. About 80% of the Oracle application matched easily to comparable functions and packages in EDB Postgres Advance Server and ran right away after migration. EDB provided an on-site engineer to help with additional customization. Clear Capital deployed EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager to streamline database administration and utilized EDB’s Dynatune utility to optimize the system resources. The company also deployed the EDB Postgres Replication Server for high availability. Finally, Clear Capital implemented the infinite cache feature in EDB Postgres Advanced Server to reduce processing time for extremely large transactions from several minutes to just 1.5 seconds.


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