Data Center

EDB provides customers with the flexibility of choice in deployment options. The EDB Postgres Platform does not require specialized storage or hardware components and it can be implemented on major public cloud infrastructures. Further, EDB’s pricing model is specifically designed to make it easy for customers to deploy EDB Postgres across any environment that best supports their strategic design: on-premises hardware, on-premises virtual (small or large scale), on-premises cloud, and public cloud.


Virtualized Enviornments

Virtualization is now part of the foundation of most enterprise information and business systems. Virtualization provides a wide variety of options to enterprises for deploying their applications, including small scale virtualization on single machines, large scale virtualization or fabrics across the enterprise, public service cloud providers, and private on-premises cloud environments.

Customers are free to deploy EDB Postgres to virtual environments as they would to on-premises hardware. Customers can even transition from one environment to the other by decommissioning their EDB Postgres deployment in one environment and re-deploying it the new one.








Bare Metal 

EnterpriseDB gives customers the freedom and flexibility to deploy EDB Postgres on the hardware they choose. EDB Postgres does not require specialized storage or hardware components, driving up the cost or creating vendor lock-in.

EDB maintains strategic partnerships with leading hardware providers to ensure customers realize maximum performance from new technologies. Among hardware providers, EDB teams with IBM, HP Enterprise, and Dell, working with those companies to certify EDB Postgres for high-performance computing environments as new platforms have been introduced.







Organizations are discovering greater operational efficiency and faster time to market by migrating workloads and development to the cloud. OpenStack has become a leading solution for organizations to create and offer cloud computing services on standardized hardware. As an open source cloud operating system, OpenStack gives administrators control over compute, storage, and networking resources across the data center with the ability to quickly and easily provision resources for developers.

EDB developed EDB Postgres Ark, a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) that integrates with OpenStack and offers fast and easy database provisioning and management for EDB Postgres in public and private clouds, including OpenStack. EDB Postgres Ark gives IT managers the ideal combination of deployment flexibility with centralized control and monitoring, while providing developers point-and-click simplicity, flexibility and speed.








The accelerated pace of application development and innovation required EDB Postgres Ark, a Database as a Service from EDB. EDB Postgres helps IT to speed the provisioning of Postgres clusters and better support DevOps models of application delivery.

By automating infrastructure provisioning and de-provisioning as well
 as database installation and configuration, EDB Postgres Ark it allows IT to deploy and manage databases within minutes. EDB Postgres Ark integrates with public and private clouds such as Amazon Web Services and OpenStack. Its RESTful API enables custom integration and Platform-as-a- Service (PaaS) solutions such as Pivotal Cloud Foundry.