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MySQL vs. PostgreSQL, Part 2: VACUUM vs. Purge
Feb 1, 2011
Almost two months ago, I wrote part one of what I indicated would be an occasional series of blog posts comparing the architecture of PostgreSQL to...
Locking in PostgreSQL
Jan 20, 2011
Have you ever had one of those annoying problems where a query, or some kind of maintenance task such as vacuum, seems to hang, without making any...
PostgreSQL vs. SQL Server: Performance Comparison
Dec 20, 2010
*/ A recent poster to the pgsql-performance mailing list enquired as to the relative performance of PostgreSQL vs. SQL Server. It's a reasonable...
Multi-Tenancy and Virtualization
Jul 29, 2010
In a recent blog post on Gigaom , Simeon Simeonov argues that virtualization is on the way out, and discusses VMware 's move toward platform-as-a-...

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