Hohe Verfügbarkeit

Unternehmen können sich keinen Ausfall systemkritischer Anwendungen leisten, und schon wenige Minuten Stillstandszeit können Millionen Euro verlorenen Umsatz bedeuten. EDBs fehlertolerante Clustering-Technologie und redundante Architektur eliminieren einzelne Fehlerursachen, verhindern Systemausfälle und sorgen so für Verfügbarkeit rund um die Uhr. Mit einem akkurat konfigurierten, hochverfügbaren System und guter Planung kann EDB Postgres extrem hohe Verfügbarkeit von nahezu 100 % garantieren. Einige EDB-Kunden nutzen EDB Postgres tatsächlich seit Jahren ohne eine einzige Betriebsunterbrechung.

EDB has also developed specialized tools to comprise a supportive, highly available architecture for the database. EDB Postgres Failover Manager leverages Postgres native streaming replication to make EDB Postgres database clusters highly available. The tool monitors the health of the streaming replication clusters for possible failure, and if one is detected, can automatically trigger a failover to minimize downtime. The EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery tool allows DBAs to easily manage backup and recovery tasks for multiple databases. This gives administrators greater power and a single point of control for scheduling and managing backups and restores in the event of a failure. The tool replaces custom manual scripts.








Disaster Recovery is a critical part of business continuity. The EDB Postgres Platform minimizes downtime that may result from hardware or system problems, weather-driven natural disasters, regional network service disruptions, power failure or a security breach. EDB provides the supportive ecosystem with Postgres technology, tools and consulting services to prepare administrators for disaster scenarios and ensure system recovery, and minimize downtime.

EDB developed the EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery to replace the complex, error-prone set of tasks DBAs typically had to create, implement and manage for protecting data. EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery allows DBAs to back up multiple Postgres databases in a single command or via a schedule, and store each back up in a central, automatically maintained catalog. EDB consultants advise on disaster recovery policies and procedures as well as Postgres architecture types that help achieve enhanced availability and manageability.





Mangement at Scale 


Large-scale environments and mission-critical applications benefit from the manageability and reliability of tools designed specifically for the demands and requirements these deployments represent. The EDB Postgres Management Suite of tools provides administrators with a collection of solutions designed for supporting Postgres deployments at scale. Core to the suite is EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager, which enables DBAs to monitor, manage and tune large-scale Postgres deployments on-premise, virtualized, or in the cloud from a single graphical console.

EDB Postgres Enterprise Management provides an extensive series of wizards, dashboards, and probes to simplify the maintenance, monitoring, and administration tasks of database administration. This includes status monitoring, auditing, log analysis, replication configuration, capacity planning, forecasting, and more. A SQL Profiler assists with identifying and optimizing poor performing queries. With more than 225 preconfigured alerts, the tool is highly customizable with dashboards and charts to summarize and display trend information. Developer tools provide query tuning and index recommendations, and enable execution of DDL and DML commands. Custom probes, dashboards, charts, and alerts also support developers with standardized monitoring.







Automated Provisioning 

Application development today with continuous delivery demands and new DevOps models are moving at the speed of business and cannot wait for traditional IT practices. Organizations have adopted cloud computing and moved away from the limitations of provisioning hardware and software, configuring the network, and essentially recreating resources that developers need repeatedly for new projects.

EDB has created EDB Postgres Ark, the Database as a Service for managing private, public, and hybrid Postgres cloud deployments. EDB Postgres Ark provides IT greater flexibility and control while automating infrastructure provisioning and de-provisioning as well as database installation and configuration. EDB Postgres Ark also gives IT greater assistance in maintaining control and management complexity as more resources are made available to developers or production workloads. EDB Postgres Ark simplifies the process of provisioning Postgres deployments, enabling IT to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing while giving developers greater independence.