Prepare well to deploy Postgres into mission-critical applications

Develop a customized training program that fits your enterprise, for each role


Skill up your team at scale

Whether you have a team of 2 or 2,000, be prepared to conquer your technology and business challenges head on with EDB Postgres Training and Certification

To support the needs of larger organizations that want to deploy Postgres into mission critical applications, EDB provides curriculum planning services aimed at developing a customized training program that fits your enterprise. These programs help ensure that your database professionals are Postgres-ready at every level, from the Infrastructure DBA to the Architect, all the way to the Application Developer.



  • Aligns to organizational training requirements
  • Implement skills improvement and Postgres readiness programs by managing the deployment of training to the organization
  • Understand Postgres readiness through reports on who took training, who has been certified at what level, and who has achieved the goals set forth in their individual training programs
  • Plan and budget for organizational training needs by using proven best practices that identify the necessary training investments
  • Manage training and certification across the organization

With this program, enterprises adopting EDB Postgres can:

  • Develop individualized training curricula for every team member
  • Integrate critical Postgres training classes into their learning and development plans
  • Enhance in-house learning paths for technical resources including DBAs, Developers, and even more general knowledge seekers

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